Need a floor hiking build

Yo! Please recommend me a good floor hiking build for wizard…,. Atlast already at floor 545
thanks to the aftermath build whahaha I’m starting to get wrecked LOL. Thank You in advance.(better if it has aftermath set I’m adapting to its playstyle but WRONG MOVE YOU DIE!! hahahahaha)

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one way to have good survival is +60% Dodge, +45% Block, and Sanctuary.

then take a look at your build and see if there is anything you can change that will improve the basic build you are using, maybe something for a little more damage or more Elemental Crit or Crit Damage. or try different Elements. maybe add an extra Meteor or Shatter Proc. maybe change one of your Sets to another Set for better results.

this way you can learn a bunch of new stuff without having to make a totally new build. you might be able to get up a few more hundred floors just by tweaking your build a little. when it gets as far as you are able, bust out your Farm Build, get lots of Loot, and make a new build.

also, you might want to start thinking of builds using other skills, like Comet or Barrage for fast ranged attacks, an Orb 20 with Reactor Set, using Twister, or Storm with Taunt. or even figure out a different way to use the Meteor and/or Shatter on the Build that allows you to have better survivability/damage.

Always got wrecked can’t past true… Maybe I’ll try a new whole build,. I already tried storm it’s good, has free elemental crit, I wanna try other builds…Sir, do you have any recommendations? I have access to +2 sets already from nadroji stone and crystal… How about your own build (just wondering)? :grin:

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the floor climbing build I am using right now… umm, let me take a look… :eyes:

this Build has gotten me to Floor 1860 M3 and is still going strong. but I can see that I will need to tweak it eventuallym or even remake it as I go higher.

Staff of Death - Arson - Fire - Comet & Storm
Crushing Flames (8), +30% Crushing Blow, +5 All Skills (MS), +15% Move Speed, +15% Attack Speed, +100% Weapon Damage. CF (8) is increasing my Crushing Blow Damage by +400%. although the recent Patch keeps my CF from instant killing Normal monsters, the fact that they are nocked down to 1 HP is still close enough to instant death for me.

don’t remember why, but I took off the ED% for some reason. I could get a Staff with +200% WD later. I use Storm when enemies get too close for comfort. Prismatic Comets with +4 EAC is lots of DPS.

Skull of Death - Hunger Trap - Fire - Skull Shield & Stealth
Demonic (5), +45% Block, +5 All Skills (MS), +4 Extra Attack Chance (MS), +200% Weapon Damage, +10 Skull Shield.

just activate Fire Skulls and watch enemies burn to death. Stealth 20 is used when I think I am going to die. the Block is extra defense with Dodge. Jaspered from Rogue. I am using 4 Death Natures because I didn’t have room for Crit Chance on my Build, except for on my Pet.

Robe of Death - Firestorm - Ice - Necrotic 20
Crushing Flames Bonus, Crushing Flames (8), +90% Weaken, +100% Frostbiting, +30% Elemental Critical, +15% Move Speed.

Necrotic Talent increases damage of Skull Shield, which with CF Bonus & CF (8) gives high Immolate Damage. I have all the Move Speed to be able to move around better and get out of the way of enemy attacks. plus, as a floor climbing build, I use the Move Speed to go straight to Cartographer fast, don’t need to kill monsters on the rest of the Map, I’m not Farming. also, as a Prismatic type Build, Freeze/Frostbiting increases damage of all attacks against Freezed enemies (doesn’t affect damage of CF). the Legend +30% Elemental Crit means all of my attack can Elemental Crit, no matter what Element the attack is.

Hood of Death - Wildfire - Fire - Amplify 20
Crushing Flames (8), +225% Critical Damage, +93.8% Fire, +15% Attack Speed, +10 Comet, +30% Weaken.

with the latest Patch, I can use Obsidian to max the Crystal Crit Dmg after I max the Legend +100% Fire. I’ve been using this Build for a few years. Amplify 20 gives +40% damage for each Element DoT on an enemy. Skull Shield gets +40% damage, and when I use Comet, both can get up to +160% damage. I think the new Patch also fixed it so that the Arcane Element puts a Debuff over Time on enemies now without having to use Ascendent Set (but you still need Ascendent Set when using Arcanist Set). so I guess I can get up to +200% damage. maybe. and all my attacks cause Weaken, which is even more damage.

Ring of Wisdom - Loop of Epiphany - Magnify 20
Crushing Flames (8), +30% Dodge, +15% Attack Speed (MS), +400% Explosive, +85.8% Fire Damage, +15% Attack Speed.

I got this Item for the +85.8% Fire Damage. I should max it now that Obsidian makes it easier to max Crystal Affixes. the Explosive gives all my attacks a 5% chance to Explode for +800% MH Damage. this is really good for Skull Shield. Magnify 20 increases the AoE of my Storm, Comet Explosion, and the Legend Explosive Affix by either +4% or +4 yards. from what I can see, I think it goes by .1 yards per Rank, so +4 yards total. really lets me reach out and touch my enemies with Elemental Love. Wisdom Nature is to lower Spell Costs.

Amulet of Wisdom - Frightening Choker - Prismatic 20
Angelic (5), +90% Weaken, +2 All Sets (MS), +400% Explosive, +2 Set Numbers, +94.8% Fire Damage.

this is Jaspered from Rogue Item because it has +2 Set Numbers and the +100% Fire ED%. I need to tweak the Item with another Crystal Affix, as +120% Weaken is good enough for me, I don’t really need +200%. what I really want is a Crystal +45% Attack Speed. this will open up 2 spaces for something else, maybe +100% Glasscannon. Originally, I had Rage (5) Set for maximum Crit Damage, but I started testing out different Sets, the most recent change being Angelic. at the moment, Angelic is increasing the damage of Comet (no Cool Down) and Skull Shield (Cool Down is under 1 second) by +25%, and Comet APS is increased by +25% also. thinking of going back to Rage so I can have the +350% Crit Damage.

Pet - Hound - Scout
Pathfinder (5), +15% Critical Chance, +15% Cool Down, +250 MP on Hit, +10 Dodge, +10 Stealth

although the damage reduction from Pathfinder isn’t very useful on higher floors, I still like the +37.5% damage with +60% Dodge. one of the main reasons I still use this Build is because it took me forever to roll +10 Stealth onto Scout.

I didn’t have room for Deadly Strike, and since my Crit Chance is only at +35%, not really worth it. the 3 major improvements that I can make with this Build is to change one of my Crystal Weaken to Crystal Attack Speed, add +100% Glasscannon for +100% Damage, max all my Fire ED% to 100% Fire each, and get a Staff with +200% Weapon Damage. not sure, but I think just making these changes can get me to floor 3k, maybe.

my Skull gets more damage using Necrotic Talent, instead of using Focus for more WD% for both weapons. I did think of using Sorcery for higher Fire & Poison DoT, which is good for DPS, but I ended up using Necrotic to give Skull a big damage punch. I might reevaluate using Sorcery after making the changes I mentioned, as that might be better DPS than using Necrotic for Skull only.

on some Maps, I tend to die more often, so I could go +50% Glasscannon and add Sanctuary for even more survivability. or maybe go +20 Empower. that will increase damage from Power Stat from 7500 to 11250. this would be a huge improvement with +200% WD instead of +100%. or maybe +10 Empower and +50% Glasscannon. guess it depends on how I feel about needing more DPS or Defense.

@itsneal I hope this helps you with any ideas & questions you have about your own build.