Need a little direction

I am closing in on lvl 400 legend map and i have been farming since lvl 200 for items. I am using a rouge with warrior hireling. Should i stop farming and push to lvl 500. I still havnt decided on a good rouge build uet i have hust been farming up gears

And yes i have small keys and fat fingers lol

Find a build here that you want. Theres a lot of builds here. It depends on you, if you want to go further or stay below your current floor. I think higher floor will give you more choices of item drops. Idk I am a newbie too. I am still pursuing to go floor 300.

Go to level 350 on mythic 3 and start climbing

if you are climbing for items and loot, just focus on survival and attack affixes/sets. later, you can make gear that can also farm. check out the forums for Main/Hireling Climbing and/or Farming Combinations. I just went from an Ascending Build to a Farming Build, and as I was tweaking the Farming Build, it was able to climb higher and higher. I am up around Floor 880’s with my Farmer, but I took a break to work on getting one of my Character Slots turned into a PVP Toon. when I get up to Floor 1k, that is as far as I want to take my Farmer. that is when I will work on making a Climbing Build to go even higher.

I can go mythic 3 1 250. But I have to spawn revive my hireling a lot and avoid enemies with my main a lot.

I have been doing the Hireling Leveling Method, and have discovered the hard way the need to beef up the Hireling to not die all the time. so I just hang out on Floor 105 for the experience.

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Speed run legend floor 100 plus works for me lol

Ty all for the belp