Need Advice for a Build

I got arcane sword,nadroji robe, insolence OH from wizard then change to a warrior!

What is the best build from this goddies?

pve build

Both maybe?, btw even tho I fight on PVP I’m still equip my eternalized flintlock… tahaha

well it really depend on what pet you will use :slight_smile:

Get another one nadroji ring or amulet its better if helm to activate the bonus
Use poison type for pve add plauged set and aleast 2x 100% blight it is enough for pve

yup your right

Well thanks, but the crystal affix on my OH was a failed one, what a waste :sweat_smile::triumph:

I got the helm and armor of nadroji but still seeking for that ring, I think I should farm items on wizards cause it has better affix on some items