Need advice/ideas/tips on my team... Please :)


attached two links(G-Drive) where you can see my build/equipment…

Wizard(Main) =
Roque(Hire) =


  • I want to have a team(I could also make a warrior, if needed), that can farm floor 500+ / m3 difficulty with ease for legendarys, crystals and mythstones…


  • My wizard is dying way too much(even on floor 500 / very easy)

I need to change equipment / team or something, but I still need gold find, legendary find and item drops on maximum…

If you have an idea, how it is possible - then I would like to get help!


Think what you need now is more ultra rare crystal, and survival affix like dodge or pathfinder that can reduce damage…
Try to farming eternal item first and convert it to ultra rare crystal, or craft from the codex if you already have found or unlock eternal and convert it, but it also means you will need more gold…

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If your wizard always dying that means you need sanctuary…

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I make a plaqued-amulet for the wizard now…
Thinking about “Empyrean” or “Sanctuary”

I think Sanctuary best for survival…

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Learn from me :wink:

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But not from only one picture^^

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fake, who with good pve builds doesn’t use elemental crit dmg? thus your elemental critical is at double of normal cap value, what is impossible.


Actually he didn’t go over cap. He went to the cap but doesn’t have 80% elemental critical as the other 40% or so is wasted.

Even though it’s wasted, the character screen shows it as 81% elemental critical when in reality, he only has 40% to 50% elemental critical.

You only need 30% elemental critical to be happy lol.

yeah, i just checked here, you’re right

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Ok then :slight_smile: .

:sweat_smile: thank you