Need attention😂


Hello everyone! Im a lil bit amaze on my ai works now! Coz i left it with 2032 battle ratings. And when i check it. Im like “wth is going here!” Coz when i check it its 2122 battle ratings now.

i dont really know how my ai works. Can you please said it or rate 1-10…


wow! maybe ur ai build is really strong… :muscle: :sunglasses:


@FairyTail well, if your rating went up to 2122 from 2032 and put you in First Place while you were offline, I would say your A.I. is number :one: :v:!


Whoa! Im number 1 on league. Coz sir Mr.Scooty is not active on pvp.:sweat_smile: anyway thanks! Glad to hear that!:blush:


I dont think so…:thinking: maybe theres a lack on it. But im sure i will find it out! Coz im freaking dq scientist. My experiment is on progressing.:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congrats @FairyTail :muscle::fire::smiling_imp:


@FairyTail and @Mr_Scooty setting AI seems much harder than actual battle? :joy:


Thanks sir @Mr_Scooty . And @kiane_zaine Im also pushing my ai much stronger and stronger. But my problem is how could i do this with this resources :rofl::joy::joy::joy:

i think i need to farm harder first… lol