Need beginners build!

Please can someone send me a detailed beginner guide/build ! I keep deleting characters ! I jus dont know a nice beginner build and all builds are so endgame here !


i feel like i should start a brand new account and stream from zero to hero. lol

maybe a near future project :slight_smile:


yeah you should really do that! haha and explain the basics and tips for beginners! i really like the game!


I’d watch that

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my best friend when I started playing DQ was Delete Character. there isn’t really any beginner build out there. basically you are learning what the classes do, and how to use crystals to personalize/craft your items, so that you aren’t using random items all the time. I would say just learn the game for now, and when you are ready, choose weather you want to Ascend for your Perks or not. if you are going for Perks, you need to put experience buffs on your items (200% max) and any other affixes that help you get the experience, like damage or defense. an Ascending build is getting you experience, killing monsters, and farming, all at the same time on the same items/gears.
if you want to get loot and stuff so you can craft a good set of gear before you get started, that is a farming build, and you want to focus on gold find and luck affixes, and maybe some Legend items with the Legend affix Fortune. and of course affixes that do damage, because the monsters are not very happy about giving up their loot.
and if you just want to see how far you can go and kill monsters, then you need a lot of damage affixes and stuff, but don’t forget the defense, because monsters attack first and loot second.
last, read the Codex, the part about affixes, so that you know what they do, and when you play, pay attention to how the affixes work with other affixes. that way, when you have an idea for what you want to put on your characters items, you will know what works and what doesn’t work best for your idea.
just so you know, beginners usually only have access to Normal (yellow) and Epic (orange) affixes, and the lower tier crystals and myth stones. and the rare Legend item. this is the learning phase, until you get the experience and knowledge, and the higher tier crystals and myth stone, to do the builds you read about on the Forums.


thanks for your reply! i will just play all three classes, already have all slots bought and auto map reveal! so i now gonna read something about best affixes! thanks again

no problem. use your time as a beginner to learn the basics of DQ, that will help you later when you start making Joeyvdh’s Giant Slaying Build. :wink:

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will do!

dqhomicide twitch now streaming new account. be warned. full blown noob. :laughing:

I cannot find you!!


well… brand new empty account. streamed for about 4 hrs.

main and hired lvl 60. quite a few legends. one eternal. fair few ms and cs started.

total focus has been on leveling both main and hireling with prime stats focused on luck.

will keep streaming on pick up.

Yesterday i couldnt watch long… gave me pauze screen ! Upload it to youtube ?

ahh sorry bout that. storm took out the satellite. streaming should resume today.

oh the joys of living on the great white northern barrens

if its paused… it means im afk for 5 minutes. it will resume.

kk, i will look today again! just say when your online

im on now… just setting up. should start rollin forward in moments.

For a newbie build, I would suggest a full Reactor build. Just gather all the pieces of the gear. It has a decent wave clear (Orb AOE + 5-Target Chain from Arc-like effect) and has inherent Dodge stat making you a bit protected for a starter. It drops anywhere and got mine after floor 17 Easy difficulty if memory serves. This is Wizard. I had this build until floor 400 where I officially retired it after modifying it with crystals along the way.

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I already have the zeus sword !! What pieces do i need now ?


oh sorry for the long hiatus, there is the Thor(Head), Taranis(Chest) and Brontes(Ring). I think there is a Permafrost OH, the Nix Brachiale available at starting at Floor 12 I think. Correct me if I’m wrong though but Permafrost is a good one. Just change your element to Ice to benefit from the bonus ED% Permafrost set gives plus an MP% Absorb which will improve your defense further by converting some % of the damage into Mana.