Need farm build. Floor 110 | Wizard

I need help with my farm build because monsters became too powerful.:star2:
Here is a screenshots: Click

U can make element dmg build just get legends from codex and bring them %E Dmg,+E Dmg affixes.

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but i also need affixes like Luck or gold find. I just need a couple of survival, but not too expensive

i alright with damage

Use gauntlet or staff for special skills deal dmg a lot and skullshield for dmg reduction and high dmg just try make items with wp dmg(only comes wps) & elemental dmg.When u reached the 200th floor u can make easily a posion build like this:

at floor 110, 60% Dodge is good enough. if you have Teleport, that is a big help. if you don’t, then increase your movement speed with Legend Movement, or Dexterity Skill, or anything that will help you get out of the monsters way while your spells kill them. or have 10k - 20k plus HP’s with good HP on Hit for healing. using cold Element will slow them down if you don’t have room for affixes that speed you up or move you around. plus cold Element decreases the damage the monsters to by 25% (lowers their movement by 50%).
if you don’t have any Crystal affixes, you are going to be hurting for space for your affixes. on M3, a minimum of 4 spaces for Gold Find and Luck together, and another 4 spaces if you have Legend Item drop, 6 if you went with Fortune MS. if your build is Ascending for Perks, that is 6 more spaces for Quest MS. as you can see, you are running out of space for defending and killing. that’s why Ascending builds only need to go up to floor 200, Farming builds only need to be able to go up to floor 1,000, but most people only farm floor 500’s or lower, unless they need to find an item on a higher floor. when you start Climbing floors higher than 1,000, Farming and Ascending affixes only get in the way. crit damage and crit chance, with deadly strike are good for low end builds until you can get the loot to make better farm gears, with that 60% dodge.

Thanks u so much!!! But i cant undestand the meaning of WPS

Golem is so right but Element and Weapon Damage will be enough for you till 350th floor.I experienced it new and u just need dmg and little hp for kill monsters without dying.U can buy Fortune Perk with 5m gold when u reached lv 99 for luck & gold find.

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This will help you visualize and make your ultimate farming build both main and hireling. I would recommend to use warrior as main with wrath talent to break barrels and boxes with ease and even tripping those with tnts in it.


I choose warrior as hire. Thanks

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I have 650% of luck and i cant attain 812%

Its enough for now i’ve lesser than ur :sweat_smile:
If u gonna use warrior just add all items AR% Luck% GF% ID% Hp+ Total HP% and try to use defensive set affixes like Defiant,Faun’s Gift,Satyr’s Spirit,Plagued…

Exp calculated from only 1 character. And also gold find

Y i said GF for Satyr’s Spirit.And if u can make an bloodmagic mtyhic item or item with set affix its may very nice.

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