Need farming-build for warrior


need a good build for warrior(only should trying to get max farming stats).
I already have my dps-roque…

So, all ideas are real welcome :slight_smile:

This build is too old, I guess?

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that build is good you can adjust on your own to have your desire prefer affix on it.

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Yup and I still use said fortune bringer. Just add Epiphany and an appropriate amount of affixes.

My guide will help you in terms of super efficient farm build for fortune bringer since you don’t need excess affixes on one character.

Also you can choose Luck or Gold affix % on pets as well as 10-20+ fortune from legend items for more than 20 fortune.

Keep Eternalized, Crystalline , remove mythical for Epiphany, keep Nadroji but get nadroji bonus (or not).

Although if you want it to deal some damage , remove some HP affixes , add some damage affixes , crushing blow , crushing flames ,etc. A farm build that deals DMG to not rely too much on hirling damage but hirling does still help.


What should I change for this? :slight_smile:

Wow cool, but why a Hammer and Horn, I guess that means: Damage with damage and with a lot of health but about Totem with Hammer, does that calls for any sort right build I should get for that? ( Not sure if my English is right)

Hammer because crystalline set, horn for fast explore map, u can change hammer with Lance eternal set and head crystalline set…

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How does your lance say its a flintlock?

@DomR he used the Crystal: Jasper to switch the Class of the item from Rogue to Warrior.