Need further Help to Improve my PVP battle mage build

Hello Guys I’m one of the old players here and I think I’m gonna play again​:blush: I can say that my build is one of the old school build my I need ur help to cope up with this version, any suggestions and recommendations are much appreciated.:blush:

Heres the Pet that I’m using

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for your MH, OH, Chest, and Head Items, use Diamond to max the values of your Legend Affixes.

then for your MH, OH, Chest, Head, and Ring Items, take off 1 (one) Epic affix and then use Obsidian to max the values of your Crystal Affixes. (Obsidian can now be used to max Crystal Affixes, but you need one empty space on the Item to do it)

then put the Epic Affix back on each of your Items and use Fluorite to max the values of your Epic Affixes.

then Farm for Experience for your Eternal Fauna to max out the last 2 Epic Affixes.

this will improve your Build only a little bit.

I think you have too much Push the Limit. your choices are to take off the PtL on your Chest and put a something else there, or change your Eternal Divination of the Blessed to a Legend Divination. doing the second choice would mean taking an Epic affix off somewhere and putting a +10 Skulldraga, if you really need it beefed up that much.

the Build looks really good otherwise. if you think it isn’t doing well against current PVP Builds, then you might just need to look at what the other Builds have and see how you can change your weaknesses to strengths, maybe into a totally new Build. (unfortunately, I’m still learning my way with PVP, so the maxing out your affixes is the best advice I can give)

welcome back!

umm, is this Wizard part of a 2v2 PVP Team? because I don’t see any Bleed Chance or Blistering, so your Vampiric Touch Set can’t Heal you and the Ruptured Mythic can’t give you +50% damage to Bleeding enemies, unless your Teammate is causing enemies to Bleed.

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Thank you so much I’ll try ur advise mate, Im using scalp in my build earlier then change it to skull draga just experimenting things and I think scalp would be better coz I got Vampirec touch.

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Omg I really wasted a lot of diamonds to max out my obsidian earlier, I didn’t know that new feature that maxes out Crystal Affix with the use of obsidian. THANKYOU SO MUCH MATE❤️

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no problem. it came out with the Patch 3.1.1.

so you would use Diamond first for Legend affixes, Obsidian next for Crystal affix, and Fluorite last for the Epic affixes.

you have to take off an affix, or you could take off a Myth Stone and then the Socket, then use the Obsidian. I didn’t know that when I got the update, so it took me awhile to figure it out. wish I had read the Forum first :crying_cat_face: .

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