Need guide bout reactor orb

Need help guys
How to raise the damage in this build? I can survive in 1800+ M3 , but so so take a long to kill orange/shrine champion
This is my build

Any suggest welcome :crossed_fingers:

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What about more Critical Chance?

Perhaps add it in favor of Weaken on your pet.

The 89%+ Weaken crystal affix should be plenty.

For real help seek Golem :grin::+1:


:mage: is here!

if you are using Orb & Time Warp, you need to take off all of your +5000 Shock dmg and that +2 Multi Attack.

on the MH & OH, replace those affixes with an Elixor Myth Stone for +5 All Skills on each. this will give your Orb & Time Warp +10 Skill points each. on your Pet, use Larimar to get a +10 Orb. then put the other affixes back on. this will mean your Orb wont be going very far from you, but it is now doing +100% damage and now has an attack frequency of 12 a second, with a bigger AoE.

your Reactor Arc & Cosmic Orb will lose some damage from taking off the 10k Shock, but you will more than make up for that with the extra damage from Orb Skill (if you’re close enough to hit the enemy with Orb) and the 4 extra Arc a second with Orb 20. Cosmic Orb will also end up doing more damage with Time Warp 10.

keep the +30% Weaken on the Pet, but replace the +15% Paralysis with +75% Crit Damage. this leaves you with +55% Paralysis, which is more than enough.

oops, you don’t have Deadly Strike on your Build, so Brutal isn’t doing any good for you. you should put another Mythic there (that one that does +50% damage with piercing attacks, which is what Orb does, for example), or replace it with something else. or remake your Amulet with a Crystal +30 Deadly Strike instead of Crushing Blow. that way, 30% of your Critical Hits will do 3x Critical Damage. if you go the Deadly Strike route, then take the +30% Weaken off of the Pet also, and replace it with +10% Deadly Strike. this will make 40% of your Crits 3x damage with Brutal. like @DJC said, +90% Weaken is good enough.


What about Critical Chance? Looks like only a total of 15% (death nature 2.5% x 6)

There are already 2 crystal affixes of Critical Damage. 2 x 225% = 450% (Armor & MH)

Teach me Master :grin:


remake your Chest or MH Weapon with Crystal Crit Chance, whichever is easier for you. 2 Death Nature, the Base 10% crit chance, and Crystal Crit Chance will give you +60% Crit chance. with 40% Deadly Strike… 40% attacks Normal Damage, 36% attacks Critical Damage, 24% Attacks Brutal Deadly Strikes.

all Characters have a base +10% Crit Chance, +50% Crit damage, and +10% Dodge. Warriors with Shield OH equipped also have a base +10% Block. so right now you have +25% Crit Chance (+15% from Death Nature and +10% from Base). also, all attacks do +25% to -25% random damage before crit chance is calculated.

another way to look at your build is…

75% 1x normal damage and 25% 5x crit damage.

with the changes, your normal damage & DPS went up, especially for Orb, Arc, & Cosmic Orb/Time Warp…
40% 1x normal damage, 36% 4.5x crit damage, 24% 13.5x Deadly Strike/Brutal damage.

Edit: for the 4 other Natures, you could go with Wisdom for lower spell costs, Strength for a little more crit damage, evasion for more Dodge (if you aren’t at +60% yet), or whichever 4 spaces of Nature best fit your Build.


2 225 Crit DMG for floor hiking build? 60% Crushing Blow and 6 sets of Crushing Flames is the best combo for floor hiking and it saves you a slot for an Obsidian. In my suggestion, change your OH into 30+ Crushing Blow and change your Electrocution and Adventurer sets to Crushing Flames. It seems that your build is intended for floor hiking so you can change it if you don’t mind.

Insert: you can use a flintlock and change your build Obsidian affix in the vest of attack spd and insert also an atk spd in your pet hehe


Thanks for guide
But unfortunately,i spending lot of gems to make a pvp build :rofl: so i cant remake it yet

Sorry my english so bad :pray:


Just go farm for a while bro, once you craft the build I promise it’s worth it and it’s way better or easy to you to climb on higher floors.

Insert: kindly look closely to your map and avoid those affix in the map like “0.3/0.4 enemy heal”, “Skyfall” and “TNT props” to avoid wasting golds/money


one thing I do is use Larimar to make sure my Challenge Maps don’t have affixes I don’t want. I only use Diamonds on Legend Challenge Maps when I want the affix values to be a little higher. for Normal to Epic maps, I only use Diamonds to increase Pack Size, Epic, Rare & Magic Monsters, or to lower the number of monster bolts, regen nerf, and a few others.

basically, any map affix that makes it harder for you, change it with larimar.

for those who don’t know, and want more Loot, the Dev’s have said that Skyfall maps give more Loot because they’re more dangerous.


My phone becomes too laggy sometimes if the pack size of my map is beyond 120% :joy:

ahh, that’s one of the reasons I use Larimar, so my Pack Size value doesn’t crash my screen or spawn a bunch of ghosts & zombies. I try for 100% to 125%.


thanks for the help guys