Need guide for warrior build

hi need help for my current warrior build any good advice that can help me get to higher floor to farm for better items ?

Running out of mana everytime ? Replace that Skilled Mythic with Energy i mean Skilled is only increased when you use Smash (Primary Skill) and its no use if you use only the MH Special skill (Torrent) and all Epic Affix Damage (Weapon Dmg+ and Element Dmg+) Reroll it to make it perfect. thats all i know hahahaha.

And also, try to find some Ultra rare Legends or a legend that has 100% Element Dmg like Vacuus Scipio or Defiant items like mutiny or insolence. So your dps for farming will increase (The higher DPS u have, the easiest you will kill all mobs and epic enemies.) After you find them, Fit it with some Epic affix Damage like 5k+ Weapon dmg. or Element dmg then also crystal affixes like 225% Luck or Gold find.

i think my poblem when it comes to higher floor is that i die easily and i cant kill fast dont know how to improve and where to start

You have some excelent guide on DMG here:

What I could tell you just by look is to find another +2 All sets, use 6 sets, just use WeaponDMG on the weapon that are you main source of dmg like if you are using Torrent, remove WeaponDMG from Hammer, preffer % affixes instead of flat ones (in PvE), look for drop itens like Munity(MH), Ragnarok(MH), Insolence(OH), Aether Wrap (Armor), Nadroji’s Robe (Armor), Epiphany Hat(Hat, lol), Cognition (Ring), Entropic Jewel(Amulet), Frightening Choker(Amulet)… In order to have some huge boost with affixes that can’t be obtained in craft, like ElementDMG%, Epiphany set, Epiphany Bonus Affix and Push the Limits… Look for combinations of sets that focus on Element boost, like Druidic+Plagued, Arcanist+Ascendent, Frozen+Permafrost etc… And you’ll be good for PvE for a long time.

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noted sir ill change my flat damage into %dmg and try to look for that legendex items i think thats what they are called

gonna farm amethys too for set affix

thanks for the advice sir

thanks to both of you

What’s your stat points in