Need help about the nadroji bonus!

1.How does the “+100% enemy rarity” work?Regard all enemy as powerful enmey?(some items only drop from powerful enmy,but I dont konw what it means)
2.I have nadroji bonus but not my teammate,only my teammate kills enemy,will nadroji bonus work?
3.My teammate have nadroji bonus but not me,only my teammate kills enemy,will nadroji bonus work?

Nadroji bonus will only work when equipped too you it works by giving enemies a higher chance too spawn as magic and rare enemies :smile:

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Thanks :laughing: I mainly get items from boss and their chests,spawning more magic + enemy not seem to help :disappointed_relieved:

Another question :kissing: Is the “powerful enemy” include magic and rare?Just read the dictionary,It seem that I cant get “defiant” from boss chests :cry:

Powerful enemies are epic tier and up :smile:

Just to clarify - does the Nadroji set bonus work to make more Epic enemy also? Like if an enemy would’ve been Rare, now it gets 100% boost to become Epic?

I’m just wondering what is the goal of this set bonus. Does it help to complete the feats faster or does it actually help to get better drops?

Thank u❣

The nadroji bonus won’t make any enemies epic ones suddenly but it will make magic and rare enemies much more common which makes drops sooooooo much better :smile: