Need help building wizard pve build for 2-5k floor

NEED BADLY JUST POST HERE THANKS!!! good night guysssss

there are many posted builds here .just see latest post.

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Here he he he maybe you can take some notes from my build its not perfect but it still kills enemies in 1000+ easily.

I updated this build I’ll post the updated version soon when I have lots of time xD

I actually haven’t reached 2k floor but killing normal mobs is so easy in the build.

BTW I changed my gauntlet to sword in the updated version , still the same affixes but different in hero skill as I’ve changed it to 20 pierce.

I’m on floor 1670+ right now

both are tested in floor 4.5k M3 :heart_eyes: enjoy

All fl :v:


Now that is a genius looking build. It is very good .

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