Need help farming build or something

I started not that long ago but i have build up an stash of mythstones and crystals.
Does it matter with what equipment you start for myth? lets say an Epic/Eternal or the light blue legend gear?
If i see the youtube crafting tutorials they remove all the affixes anyway.

At the moment i am playing on floor 250 Epic and before on the same floor on easy.

With my gear now:
Luck 275%
Gold find 242%
item drop 173%
I have some gear with +10 Fortune and more gold find but than killing mobs is going far to slow

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Eternals generally can’t be edited and a mythic requires 4 sockets so you can typically keep 2 original stats of an item before making them into mythics

If you play on highest difficulty, Mythic 3, you will get +350% luck and gold find for free

What class and skills do you use? Have you got any set affixes you want to play with

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if you’re just starting out, just finding an Item with 4 Sockets to make a Mythic Affix is hard enough.

when you have enough Gold to convert Crystals to Zircon, or find enough Zircon, you can place Sockets on a Legend Item. the reason is, when using Legend Items, it’s easier to get the other affixes maxed out after you put the Mythic affix on (especially if you have your Item Quality at +25%).

Hereby what i have.
Can i make a set for map 200 up myth 3 farming??

Likely, you could even make a crushing flames build or maybe permastealth if you got some all sets. However I doubt you can make a build using both (unless you got some CF items already)

CF items?

I play wizard and rogue.
Rogue has assension dealer perk.
Wizard 99 and rogue 97.

I also have a warrior but that one is still lvl 5 or something

CF = crushing flames

Well, if you want i have been working on a build that is what i think is the theoretical limit of ledgend dust dust farming.all be it, its a little weak on its own right now. Though to be honest if manuvered properly it can handle its self. Still want me to share it?