Need help for 2.3 version wizard build!

I need simple starter wizard build ( i dont like aftermath wizard). This is my crystals.

And this is my mythstones.

try reactor build its fun. just get reactor and living force set affix for now ur still lacking some crystal its better to farm more or make a partial build

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Ye reactor is fun but i wana try something like green garden and griffin 012 version 2.3 build :\ idk if this works…

And i saw ur version 2.3 bow rogue build. I dont have eternal bow so what stats i need for bow?

What u mean? Xd New on forume…

u can use any bow w/ 100%ED just add elemcrit and elemcritdmg … u can use mutiny for bow for defiant set affix

I will try to ger Vacuus scipio or so bow with 100% wd i think wd better or no?

ya overall wd is better on that build cuz it rely on explosion and frozen w/c realy also on base dmg wep thats why i use eternal bow.
inc ur bow base dmg as far as u can no need to craft mythic on mh on that build it will just be a waste of slot

Very good on every element combo

Poison - Plagued + Druidic
Fire - Vampiric + Inferno
Ice - Frozen + Permafrost
Shock - Electrified + Vampiric (Shock/Bleed)
Arcane - Ascendent + Arcanist

This build can climb up to 1000+ M3 Floors but depends on your TACTICS :blush:

Saw this build. I wonder is there any wizard twister build? Main damage from poison clouds.

That is a possibility so yes. Btw, I wouldn’t say poison is the most powerful element anymore but it is a nice and easy element to use as a starter or beginner build. I think the most powerful element is arcane with arcanist or ice with permafrost and frozen explosion.

@Armenas where did you get mod APK?
2B Gold is very very hard to farm :laughing::laughing::laughing:

No i bought 50m at the start with all paid vanity and then i farmed. I have played this game 3 years ago. This year i started again.

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reaching billion gold in the past must be so hard w/o dealer perk lel cant even imagine

Ye it is. But i was starter and in the past with gold nothing realy special u can do… And i was dumb i always deleated characters… Like reach level 40 or so and delete cuz i get borred rofl… And i had 2b gold now i have one 1b.

Nowadays, 2B gold is very easy but will take quite a bit of grinding and just a few days. Very easy in comparision to before ascension perks existed.