Need help for bleed type cakram Arena

How much bleed dmg to pierce “preseverance” in arena? Im trying make a bleed type for arena its not enough strong to kill instantly war tanker/battle mage with mythich “enigma” in top 3 eternal div
Am i must put inferno/demonic set affix?
This is my results without inferno/demonic set affixes

Critical stats from talent “Death”
Need guide

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Perseverance blocks 40% (one space), 80% (two spaces), or 100% (three spaces) of Bleed, Fire, and Poison DoT damage in Battle Arena. if your enemies only have 40% or 80%, you can put in more Bleed damage… if it’s really important to have a little more Bleed damage.

not everyone uses Perseverance, but those who don’t like to lose to high Bleed, Fire, & Poison Builds might use it.

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@Golem sure,im understnd know
I meet 1 Battle mage in div 5 my bleed didn work,maybe he using 3slot preseverance

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if you find some of the old Threads about this, Perseverance was made to balance out the Bleed, Poison, and Fire DoT Builds. some of them were very OP (some were one hit kills, or kill in 1-5 seconds).

for those who think Perseverance is OP, think about it. to get 100% protections against Bleed, Poison, and Fire DoT’s, it takes up 3 spaces, it doesn’t protect against any other damage or crowd control effects, and takes up space for doing more damage.


Yes it all depending to me who creat my own build
Thanks for informations mr @Golem

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