Need help for crafting a strong farm weapon/set

just as the title says, i want to craft a set/weapon with max luck using obsi i tried to craft one weapon (MH) but the dmg is kinda crap, i need a suggestion or a picture reference of a weapon/set u have with max luck cap btw im using rouge

thanks in advance for those who will reply :smile:

up need help please :frowning:

Post screen shots so we can suggest

Try using @cronos4321 's Farming Build [Warrior] Fortune Bringer set

errrr well i just want a formula for crafting a good set/weapon for a max luck cap 650% build with decent damage and i have some good amounts of crystals like obsi,amyth,ruby and etc. and some mythstones ofc. so any suggestions will do thank you in advance :smile:

Up need more guides and tips tnx
Up. Need more tips and guide ty

[if this build is for solo run]
max fortune(20) then put 1 crystal luck, 1 crystal gold find, then put 3 legend item gold find, and the rest is up to you dps/tanky and if you want you can put crystalline, eternalize, and nadroji set affix,
hope this helps you mate