Need help for farming build

Hey everyone, firstly I’m sorry for my bad english, I will do my best to be understood :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m currently in my 3th ascension (got the following perks: treasured, fortunate and enshrined)
But there is my problem: I want to try some PvE build found on this forum (like Fruit (LOOT) NINJA! PvE Build Reveal [Rogue] cause it’s awesome)
So, I need a lot of ultra rare crystal to do this, that’s why I did a farming build with the limited ressources I had but I need advices to optimize this, there is my build and my ressources:

Currently, I’m farming with this build and a wizard hireling in floor 101-110 >+130% pack size (using à 100% proc meteor with taunt to clean the floor pretty fast)
My highest map is 362 M3, my wizard’s build is not optimized to farm 300+ floor (not enough damage and resistance to rush) and I try sometimes to farm these to get eternalized pistol.

So there is my questions:
-What should I change in my build to be more optimized in exp and farming ? (I’m actually farming eternalized weapon)
-What perks should I take for my next ascensions per priority ?
-Do you know a build “low cost” for hireling optimized to farm 350 M3 floors ? (Got 2 rogue (1 is my main), 1 wizard and 1 warrior so I can use every class as hireling)
-Any other advices to help me in my farming ?
-Should I try to get 500+ M3 map even if I don’t have enough stuff to farm these floors ?

Thank you for reading me and my bad english, hope you understood <3

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I can’t really help as I don’t have any hirelings but I can say for my rouge I use a perma-stealth/reflect build and it’s gotten me to floor 575 ep1 it’s good for map climbing and item farming.

Get the dealer perk next it will help with converting legands and building your cs stockpile up.

For your next Ascend, I suggest going Hunter > Accomplished > Dealer
(or if a Hunter mythic ring doesn’t hurt your build, go Accomplished > Dealer > Hunter)
Spam the Eternal Feat (sure drop Eternal item rarity) by visiting the two shrines and killing the epic spawns then restart the floor. Do this on Floor 200 M3 so you can kill fast. Once you get Accomplished perk, things will be faster. Plus, Epic spawns give good exp too. I went full ascension using this way only. :yum: Got better items along the way too.
If you get bored in this, try running +PackSize% M3 maps so you can farm gold.
Just noticed, are you converting your CS/MS? I suggest not, it’s a waste of gold especially if you don’t need them yet. hehe
For the build, gather resources first from spamming the shrines. Convert not so good eternal items so you can get high level CS.
Hope this helps!

I don’t think it will be worth, I’ll loose a lot of time for farming map Ep1 to go 500+ but perma-stealh could be interesting thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Equip hunter mythic ring only when I open shrine is a good idea ?
I don’t know if spamming eternal feat could be better to optimize my farming, cause I loot 2, 3 eternal/crystal items per hour when I’m running on 101-109 floor with packsize and it will be much better when I will get my eternalized weapon to farm more, but will try this later when I will get Accomplished perk ^^

I am not converting my CS/MS, I convert every bad eternal and crystals items :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your advices, I will follow them :blush:

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