Need Help for Something To Experiment

Guys can someone , help me with my experiment?
Does Damage Reductions, Armor Resist affect the Mana Consumption of mana shield? what about resource cost ? What if Im using Manashield and Energy at same time ? pls elaborate some of this ? i got 200kMP if i have energy is that goid enough?

Barrier: Wizard Talent. reduces mana used up by the shield by 1.5% per Rank. so if you have Barrier 20, that is 30% less mana used by the Shield. so if an attack did 100 damage to the Shield, you only lose 70 MP. now, if you have 50 MP & HP, that 100 damage would be reduced to 70 damage, the shield would use the 50 MP to reduce the 70 to 20 damage, and then dies, leaving the 20 damage to reduce your HP to 30.

Infusion: Wizard Talent. add +10% per Rank of your All Resists. so if you have 1,000 All Resists and Infusion 20, your Mana Shield would have a total of 3,000 All Resist. this extra All Resist is only for the Mana Shield. if/when the shield goes down, then your character only has the original All Resist for protection.

all other damage reduction and armor affect your character, not your Mana Shield. so Infusion would reduce any damage done to the Shield, and then Barrier would reduce the amount of MP used in deflecting the rest of the damage away from you. eventually, at high enough floors, Mana Shield has the same problem as your HP, a monster can 1 hit you, taking out your Shield and HP in one hit.

Resource Cost: this only applies to the amount of MP, or Resource, used to cast Mana Shield.

Energy Resource: now I haven’t tested this, and haven’t read any posts on this subject, so this is just my thoughts. when you cast Mana Shield, you use Energy to activate it. but MS still uses MP. Energy is a 100% Resource System, and you could have 10, 1,000, or 100,000 MP to make it work. so if you were using your Skills and got your Energy to 50%, your MP would be cut in half, so the 1,000 would be 500 MP. sure, Energy recovers 30% every second, but casting spells can slow this down, keeping your MP low and making you vulnerable. I also think that if your Mana Shield got hit and reduced your MP to half, your Energy would be knocked down to 50% too.