Need help for warrior farming build

Hello guys,
I’ve been playing DQ for a while now, i am lvl 99, I’ve reached eternal league in about 4 hours, but now here is what i am wondering:

-My current build involves ascendent weapons( (hammer and horn), Isis with a crystal gold find affix, Eternal Archangel, Nadroji ring and an old Blood Magic helmet (set affix one). I’ve heard that ascendent is quite bad, but I kinda like it, especially dem explodes.

  • Can you suggest any new builds that have good survivability, but that can also give you good amounts of gold/luck? I kinda don’t like the fortune hero skill, i feel like i’m sacrificing a good chunk of dmg and survivability.

  • I’m kinda low on Obsidians and Rubies, but suggest anything! I’ll get some eventually.

-Also.a few sidenotes (may come in handy):
I prefer champion talents
I don’t like lances
If i come across a hammer i will switch earthshatter with whirlwind (my legend pet Genesis has terrashaper, no need to have it on hammer as well)
My phone cant screenshot (lol)
Sorry for wasting your time
With this gear i can farm on mythic 1, but yeah, its not mythic 3

Thanks for reading, any help is appreciated! My stashes are full of sets so feel free to suggest anything!


Thie farming build is a really good example of good survivability and farming affixes. An even better example is when you replace some of those affixes with things like block and dodge. Also when possible, you can try epiphany on a farming build. That has amazing results for gain but for now, focus on basic .

The idea of the fortune bringer is to have good survivability, have maxed out farming affixes and make farming the most efficient by having a hirling as a pure dps. More dmg you deal = more loot drops, hence the name fortune bringer!

This post just cracks me up. Good on you, man. You can find everything you really need here:

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