Need help for warrior tank arena

how to balance between armor and resistance elements for tank builds? and at least what is the value of each armor and resist? My build has a very low armor value, but it has enough resistance, but I don’t think it’s overall enough to last long in the arena
I tested it with Wizzard barrage, and the result is still more than 5k/tick damage the result of my overall tank build is 300k+HP and 500 power in the arena
Here is it

I am very grateful to all of you who took the time to discuss with me, please advise and help

you actually have more Armor than Resist. the down side for Armor is that some Trinkets for PVP reduce Armor by a % (Armor Piercing Affix), so most Players go with All Resist.

Legend Ignore Resist doesn’t work in Battle Arena, so you don’t have to worry about it, but I did read that Weaken works in PVP, but that’s a damage boost. not sure how it would work in PVP, but now I think I need to do a test with the Test Dummy soon to see if it really works.

there is a formula in the Codex that shows how to figure out how much damage reduction you get from Armor & Resist.

@Golem I still don’t understand how armor and all resist work , as far as I play in the arena in the top 3 division I found a lot of battle mages that actually have HDR like the account belonging to the legend Kachan, the strongest battle mage I met was his… I won easily against char AI kachan with just 1 way, only when I used the barrage wizz, because my tank warrior set lost to him if I competed for strength and endurance
I spent a lot of time and gems tinkering with how to make a tank that is balanced like them, but unfortunately I always fail hahaha

Armor for PVE: (you would need to figure out your AR & Resist for level 20 Items and then do the math as below).

Enemy Level in Battle Arena is 20.
Enemy Level in PVE is Floor / 2.

Damage - (Damage x (Armor / (Armor + (Enemy Level) x 1000)))).
Damage - (Damage x (79,500 / (79,500 + (20 x 1000)))) (I had to google the math to get this part right)
Damage - (Damage x (79,500 / (79,500 + 20,000)))
Damage - (Damage x (79,500 / 99,500))
Damage - (Damage x 0.8) (it’s actually 0.79899497897, so I just rounded up).

Resist for PVE: (same as for Armor, unless your Element Resists have different values against a player using Prismatic Talent or Ascendant Set, or different Elements on their MH & OH).

Damage - (Damage x (Resist / (Resist + (Enemy Level) x 100))))
Damage - (Damage x (51,300 / (51,300 + (20 x 100))))
Damage - (Damage x (51,300 / (51,300 + 2000)))
Damage - (Damage x (51,300 / 53,300))
Damage - (Damage x 0.96) (it’s actually 0.96247654784, so I just rounded it to 0.96).

hope this helps.

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@Libra_Sunday if you want to beat kachan using warrior try to balance your damage and DR. Kachan AI will drain your hp in toe to toe battle.

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How to balancing ?

Reduce the DR and put some dmg. In arena if you are HDR and low dmg it will be more on draw and in every draw dmg will increase and DR will not. HDR will do best in 2v2 .

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I ask for how to make AI to deff,not a build for push rank
I tested my defender with my 2nd account its not enough strong,when i gain all ressist,the armor is weak,when i balance both,the HP is low,the power in same number is 500+
So many tanker from battle mages build,i meet 1 harder person to be kill,its kachan’s AI
His AI have good ressist,armor and strenght
I tested with bleed type warrior,but the effect off dot dont work well,ive tested with crit type the dmg not bang bang,only barrage type i can kill his AI easy
His AI crafted well

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