Need help for warrior torrent build

which is better for legend affix explosive or glasscannon ?

or both not that good for the build?

Glasscannon affix is great but for PvP, if your warrior torrent build has a lot of HP, maybe not such a good idea. If it’s for playing against high floor maps, definitely worth it as in high floors, HP doesn’t matter as the enemies will one shot you no matter what and to get insane HP in PvE, you would need huge amount of slots dedicated and not much room for DPS which matters most.

Also high hit frequency in PvE at high floors matters, especially at floors where you need crushing blow as they have HP that is more than your DPS could get to.

Explosive is a nice affix too for maps. Definitely worth a try. You can get many spike damage with it .

Do you use the frozen set for high damage after frozen enemies die and explode or some other way. Maybe you also use arcanist and Ascendant to really increase dmg.

If it’s glasscannon vs Explosive, glasscannon because it directly makes all DMG deal 50% more. Sometimes you have high though if you like.

hi thanks sir! im following eater anti cart build, and checked that my blight is only 200% and thought it is capped so i stopped putting blight affix. i think thats whats been wrong with my character

wow thanks for using my build as your base. Btw what kind of build you are creating is it focus at pve or pvp?

thanks for posting your build that has been helping me alot,

im creating pure pve first so i can farm on high floors

for pve legend affix will be the key about your question at explosive and glasscannon for me glasscannon :smile: but it depende.on your gameay for real

this is my current equip for now currently stuck and still farming insolence skull for more dmg output i guess

spam floor 200 use wizard fo defiant skull drop :smiley:

been spamming floor 200 just grinding exp in my wizard and still no luck hehe, right now im trying to look for fast run farm build in wizard for more chance of getting defiant or insolence

if no luck use rouge it drop trap then jasper it :smile: