Need help/guide about best set combinations for warrior and wizard

My main is warrior , currently level 95 ( already ascended 2 times , fortunate and treasured ) Current floor is 340 normal difficulty ( im having a hard time to clear floors in this level because i think my current build sucks )

Here is the build im currently using :
Eternal Satyr’s Bane with a 40% item quantity

Crystal Allflame with a 40% item quantity and +50% DMG

Sureshot Chest

Eternal Stone of Nadroji

And Nadroji’s Crystal

I was wondering if i can somehow make it more powerful but i dont think its possible so im hoping someone can suggest a decent build that can clear 300+ floors above ( i also have a bunch of legend, crystal , and eternal items in my inventory but i dont know which chest , weapon , or offhand is better. I also have a decent amount of gold and a BUNCH of legend dust , and im currently saving it )
I also have a bunch of mythstones , but 1 elixir and zenith , so its okay for someone to tell me to make a mythic items :blush:

I also have a hireling which is my wizard , which i already ascended 1 time and i chose the fortunate perk , the build im using on him is the aftermath build + discordance hat ( which i just saw from this forum and it’s really good ) but the problem about my hireling is that it keeps on dying :sweat_smile: oh and i would also appreciate if someone can also suggest a build for my wizard , i saw someone said that plagued set/build is also good but i want someone who is professional to confirm it if it was true

I’m still new at this game even tho i have a bunch of legend and eternal items , I’m still noob :sweat_smile: so uh i would appreciate it if someone can suggest a build :heart:)

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Welcome to DQ forums @desperate_enuf!

If this wouldn’t bother you by much. Please include screenshots of your gear and stats page.

This is for the purposes that there are alot of variables to take into account when deciding what parts of your build needed to be tuned up.

I could just tell you to add more +dmg affix, crit chance and crit damage but that isnt entirely the criteria that makes a build better. What exactly does your warrior problems when hiking in high floors? Dmg getting weaker? Enemies hitting harder?


I cant suggest any build but i can give you an important advice, avoid maps with enemy heals, skyfalls, enemy leech and high resist. But most importantly, avoid enemy heals, if your build does not have enough damage, you can never kill the epics(orange and above color) enemies.
This is important for you if your kinda new, because that was my problem years ago.


if your Wizard is going to continue being your Hireling, get the Dealer Perk for him. that way, all items sold by the Wizard will be x10 Gold, all other Perks need to be on Main to be used by both Characters.

also, do you want to Ascend for Perks, Climb Floors, or Farm? if you try to have your Build do everything, especially when you have just started and are still learning the game, it ends up being kind of weak for doing anything.

on higher floors, HP, Resistance, & Armor become less effective, and Dodge and/or Block, with maybe Sanctuary Mythic and any other ways of not getting hit become more important.

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My warrior’s problem is that im dying so fast even though i level up my health to 99 and my strength is max out , one shrine champion is enough to kill me and monsters can one or two shot me so i want to change my build to something that can kill monsters easily and have a good defense at the same time. I also want to climb up on high floors so i can get some good weapons , armors , ultra rare crystals and mythstones ( for crafting more powerful mythics )

Here’s my warrior’s stats

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Here’s my wizard current build , i was wondering if it needs improving or can stay like that

And here’s the stats