Need help. Have few questions to you guys

Hi there, hope someone takes time to answer my inquiries. TIA.

  1. I have farmed OH weap with legend affix 100% weapon damage boost in it. But i never had a MH weap like that. Per checking others’ post, they have this MH weap with 100% weapon damage boost (v1.8 i believe). Can someone tell me if it is possible to have that affix in v2.0? If yes, is it from hunted items or it can be generated using crystal?

  2. Is bow - arrows working with living force (set affix). I have seen a post saying that it doesn’t work. So hopefully i can get confirmation from others.

Next questions are about damages. I know there are formulas however it seems that it wouldn’t answer my next questions…

  1. If i have 100 damage to a mob using guidedshot (lv1 for example) then i upgraded the guidedshot to next lvl (lv2 which will give +5% damage), will it now give me 105 damage to that same mob?

  2. If i have a 100 damage to a mob, then i put a 100% elem dmg to my weapon, will it now give me a 200 damage to that same mob (let us assume that resist doesn’t work on this as well as armor reduction)

  3. If I have a rouge and i change its MH special skill, for example to a warrior skill - whirlwind, where will it base its damage? Purely on weapon damages? Just wondering because obviously i don’t have an option to upgrade that warrior skill.

Hope someone can help on this… i just wanted to know the logic of the game… because i believe some affixes is not worth it even if they looks good.

yes, in 2.0 legend 100% weapon damage is available as well.
Only found via drops though, for details which affixes available only via drops you can refer to this

nope, it doesn’t work with guidedshot (arrow)

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@tututututu thank you for your answers.

So i’ll assume living force will only work on chakrams and not with bow/pistol… :sob::sob::sob:

After all the reflect, reduction, defense, etc. formulas, yes on #1 for dmg. #2, #3, not sure.

@skaul Thanks for your input. :blush:

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expounding on this question:

indeed, i would like to know an answer to this bit as well. not just for ambering items, but also regarding set affixes that let you play as a different class (namely spellsword and battlemage).

so if say i have a dagger with quick attack and blinkstrike set to max heroics (20) and am using battle mage, would charge and whirlwind then take on the stats of blinkstrike and quick attack?

Answer is no, outside class skill stat doesn’t add. You need to have affix +all stat to increase it.

Ok… so it means that skills outside your class depend on your weapon damages only…

@jarz thanks for your inputs

Hmmm i guess no one knows the answer to my famage question :sob::sob::sob:

Ok, lets have a go at your question:

  1. Yes, rare legends can have 100% WD. It can’t be rolled with ruby/obaidian though.

  2. No, Living force does not work with bows’ arrows. It does, however, compliment chakrams.

  3. In theory, yes. But, enemy resist will affect it. The 5% increase complilents the arrows, but bot ED (?).

  4. It will, if your base ED is 50 - 100% ED% will double the ED value, turning 50 into 100 (50+50). This is if we neglects resists etc.

Not fact checked though, but I think this is the way it works! :slight_smile:

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