Need help in enchanting crystals

hi, im newbie here.and still i cant make my character stronger.and may i ask if when you reach lvl 50 or floor 50, can u lvl up ur geAR TO iLVL 100? if it is or not?how ? thanxxx guys:confused:

I noticed you have to be at least 50 levels higher than what you are trying to upgrade. I use the hero gem alot to make mine stronger by getting more hp’s . As my toons progress i try to pick up higher items in AR. by finding new items. I only up grade item levels or AR. on legendary pieces tho so i dont waste gems.

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Yes AND no:)

You can upgrade low level items to ilvl 100 using peridot, BUT - it depends on the highest hero level and highest floor reached (as the description says)
To be honest, I don’t know specifically if you can just go past floor 100 and then you can upgrade items to ilvl 100, OR if you need to have had atleast 1 hero at lvl 99, before the peridot is usefull.
If you can upgrade, just by reaching floor 100, I would recommend setting your difficulty to the easiest lvl possible, and then rushing through the floors, untill you get to floor 100. Then if its only based on floor lvl reached + champ level - I think you should be able to use peridot to get your items to ilvl 100.
That said - I have no clue of how its calculated specifically;)


Ya I believe the crystal is called peridot. Honastly until your working on ascention lvls there’s not a lot of gear you won’t replace or make fairly quickly so it is a bit of a waste but I’m good at wasting stuff so it’d something I did. You cannot lvl up eternal items. You can wear gear twice your lvl and yes the cap is 100 allowing your gear stats to get things like 5000 dmg +10 specific skill 10000hp 5000 mp. You want to try to start saving items with legendary(red affix) with that you cannot make with rubies ( I.e. barbarian, push the limit, even armor buffs on a couple. What ever floats your boat to try for your style. Basicly keep all atherial drain set items they have 100% dmg buffs for pve masoshits what ever nadroji cerebral vortex defiant.) All kind of rare gear with affixes you probably want but can’t roll with crystals. You then build your gear around that affix/set by adding crystals (obsidian ruby topaz etc)

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dont use peridot for low lvl items…its wasted keep your peridot for the higher and good conditions legend or eternal items…based on my experience …just wait for lvl 100 items since you cant get peridot on your current floors.

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I can help you on that.

The level that a weapon can get with Peridot is based on your character level and highest floor you have been.

If highest floor you have been is floor 60,and if you are lvl 60,then the equipment level can be lvl 60.

But here’s the catch.The max level the equipment can get is character level*2,with equipment level cap being 100.

So if you reached Floor 1000,and currently lvl 34,you can upgrade your equipment up to lvl 68.In order to have max level on all equipment,you just need to be lvl 50 and the highest floor you have been should be 100 or more.

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Is there any items that have legend affix for resist all? I’ve found a bunch with armor curiosius if there were some with all res I just havnt noticed. I’m always seeing different leg. Affixes I think I wanna farm for lol

yes there are lots of it check codex for more info

I wish I had some crystals like you !
But actually it’s just a nope haha

Lol - I’m a total scrub compared to some of the guys in here, who have been playing for a lot longer. Only found the game this November;)

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You’ve been pretty lucky ! Seems you also have a good stuff ? May I see it btw ? :blush:
It has been 2 years I’m playing (not hardcore player but maybe 4hrs a week and some weeks with 20hrs haha

I’ll send you a private message when I get home, so that we don’t crowd the forum:)
I try to play as efficient as possible when playing these kinda game - trying to learn the most effective way of doing things, and feel entertained through achieving that knowledge
There’s a LONG way to go with this game though. So many aspects I still don’t understand;)

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hi wack, can u send me an image of your set?ty

Will do. I’ll copy the messages I send to TWcheese as soon as I get the time:)

guys please add me on facebook so that we can talk :blush:

Sry bud - not adding anyone on facebook. Don’t mind helping you out as well as I can in here though:)