Need help, is there a better weapon?

is there a better weapon than the one i currently have right now?

its an ascendent rod (warrior)

  • +ascendent bonus
  • ascendent
  • 50% DMG (mythstone)
  • +2 multi attack
  • weapon dmg+
  • weapon dmg%

i’ve had this for quite some time, remodified multiple times, but the only reason i kept using it is because of the set bonus that can’t be found anywhere but on the main weapon.


Its hard to say the super best weapon ingame because of variable such as you stated:

Obviously I could say something like idk add a mythic in there and/or getting a crystal/eternal version of that weapon. But in reality, you must decice yourself as what your build really need.

What do you think is wrong with your current weapon, may I ask?

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i just wanted to know if there are others that can do more dps. ive been looking around the codex to see if there other items that could do better, like a red affix or an eternal with the right stats

(codex might need also an affix filter for whenever people scouring around looking for items)

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well, if you can find a Staff, or Jasper a Warrior Sword/Rogue Chakram to Wizard Staff, that has +200% WD (Legend), and that has any other affixes you want, use it instead.

the Ascendant Bonus requires 2 items with the Set affix, and it gives +50% Weaken. using some other weapon other than the one you have will allow you to choose between one space for Ignore Resist or a space for +90% Weaken (Crystal) and one space for +30% Weaken (Epic) (+120% Weaken total, every hit with Weaken).

of course, this is just the start of improving your build…:sunglasses: .