Need help (magician) on high floor... on skill stom lacks dame

How high are you talking here? I use this concept at around 6k+, but from your build, I’m assuming 3-4k?

You dont have any WD+ or WD% on the main attacking weapon, so instead of trying to multiply from 10’000, you’re trying to multiply from 2’000…
if that makes sence? Like 0 base damage = 0 final damage

I don’t see any Crit DMG, Crit Chance or Deadly Strike…
With how frozen works, if you hit 200 times, one of those will be a deadly strike for like 10x damage… and it only takes one good hit to trigger Frozen’s chain explosion

Also, all your gear is Fire element? So Frozen’s Damage is gonna suck :man_shrugging:t2:

In regards to the Crit DMG 10x damage thingy, see my 3000+ sandbox build you could easily throw some Crushing Flames, Execute Dmg and Fire element on there and i garuntee you it’d take you far past 10’000
^ the Dmg per Pierced from WhirlingBlades+40 is significantly higher than just 10x

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Can you help me build (what to add and remove) because the boss can’t die

On a Crushing Flame build you shouldn’t rely much on the appearance, at the beginning you will remove 99% of enemy’s health easily but it will need a lot more time to kill it because the % damage will scale down as well. Also, try and Larimar away all maps having stuff like “Enemy heal 0.3%”, or the boss will for real be unkillable.

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on your Winter’s Visage of Luck, change the Mirror Image Proc to Frostbiting.

with your Power Stat at 88+ and Empower 40, you should trade your Eternal Wand for a Legend Aether Spark, and take the Epic +5000 Fire off and replace it with +100% WD.

as an example, if your wand does 1000 damage before Power Stat…

Eternal Wand:
(((1000 + 13,200) x 1.5 x 1.75) + 9306) x 3.914 = 182,318

Legend Wand:
((1000 + 13,200) x 1.25 x 2.75) x 3.914 = 191,052.

since you have Inferno Set and Fester 40, you should get your Sorcery to 40. the reason is that Inferno (5) and Fester 40 is giving you 3 Fire Dot a second for 4 seconds. Sorcery 40 increases your Fire DoT by +200% damage.

your Storm is doing 9.5 million per hit. Fire DoT is 3.8 million times 3 from Sorcery for Fire DoT 11.4 million times 3 from Fester 40 for 34.2 million DPS. with Frostbiting +200%, your Storm is doing 9.5 x 3 = 28.5 million. your Fire DoT would be based on that number instead. and then your Immolate damage would be based on the higher DoT damage, so higher Immolate, and Blistering would cause higher Bleed Damage because of the higher Fire DoT damage also.

if you are doing the Taunt & Storm, and not using Barrage, going to a Legend Wand means you can get rid of the +4 multi Attack, move an Epic affix from one of the other Items to your Wand, and put a Glass Cannon on the other Item so you still have the +100% GC. also, the damage you lose from the Push the Limit for a Legend Wand would be made up with the second Frostbiting.

if you think about it, your Storm 40 is doing 8 Attacks a second and the Fire DoT is 3 attacks a second. with a higher Sorcery and lower Focus, you should be doing a lot better with your DPS.

and with enemies Freezed with Frostbiting +200%, each of your Storms Attacks are doing 3x damage. and when your enemies HP gets to 25% or lower, 2x damage from Demonic and 1.914x damage from Execute. so that extra Frostbiting will really help. unfortunately, Frostbiting doesn’t affect the damage of Crushing Blow or Crushing Flames.

Welcome to DQ Forums @Tuan113 ! hope this helps a little. and if I missed anything, hopefully, we can figure it out later.

Can you change it like this… please give me your comments to overcome the stage

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waiting for your screen shot to finish uploading.

I’m running out of materials to upgrade my clothes…I’m working hard on my clothes…I’ll make a new outfit when I’m done

while i’m plowing…can you recommend me the best set… can i climb the 4000–9999 m3 map…i really have a headache because of the equipment because i don’t finish boss…

there is no Best Set. to be honest, I have only gotten up to floor 1800+ M3, and have taken a break to Farm & Ascend my Rogue & Warrior so they can get their 6 Perks.

there are players who have gotten up to floors 2k, 10k, 25k, and higher. it just gets harder. just do a Search :mag: of the Forums and see what other players who have gone to higher floors Crafted to get there. there are different Builds, and some do better on lower floors, but not on the higher floors. I think one of the Moderators has gone up to floor 50k, but I haven’t checked the Leader Boards recently to see where he is. Crushing Flames was modified so that CF (6) causes almost no damage with Frozen Set when a monster is killed, so some of the powerful climbing builds might not be as powerful as they used to be, if they were using CF.

don’t give up farming!