Need help (magician) on high floor... on skill stom lacks dame

Please give me some suggestions to build (what should be removed and added) to overcome the high floor… I’m on the 2300 m3 floor.

For a starter, I’d remove one of the two “+10 Fester” and get another useful affix.

Do you really need the “pierce” effect? Maybe you could rework completely your chest item (CF can be reobtained with Amethyst from any item).

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if he goes Sorcery 40 with Fester 40, he gets triple damage Fire DoT’s every second for 4 seconds. this is only possible with Inferno (5) Set.

Fire DoT is 80% of damage done over 2 seconds. a 1000 damage hit gives 400 Fire DoT a second for 2 seconds.

improving it as mentioned above, a 1000 damage hit gives 1200 Fire DoT 3 times a second for 4 seconds. that’s a lot of DPS!!!.

replace the +10 Fester & Sorcery on your Head & Chest with 2x Legend +5 All Elementalist affixes. this way you can get Sorcery, Amplify, Magnify, and Fester all to 40, take off as much Focus as you need to to get Empower to 40.

and improving Amplify to 40 will more than make up for any loss of Focus. the Ice Taunt & Fire combo will give +160% damage as long as both the Fire & Ice DoT’s are in effect. a lot better than the +100% damage from Focus.

not sure how this would go with the advice I gave in @Tuan113 's other Thread for this same Build, but I think the changes mentioned in both Threads can all be done.

hope this helps also.