NEED HELP.. My data was gone.. Lvl 95 Warrior

:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: Lost my lvl 95 warrior!!! What happen??? Please return my lvl 95 warrior data… got no character now. Please get back to me. Sent me an email… dont want to start all over again.

Its actually lvl 96 now… Stage 135, Mythic 3… But, my saved data was only at lvl 95… Please help me to retrieve it… That is the only character I have… And all my set are all legendary item. I already have very good weapon set. A sword which has 65% critical damage, another sword which has 3.9k plus damage and a sword which has 45% crit and 3k plus damage on it. Plus, 3 different sets of Fate axe. A HORN with no elemental attribute that works on any element type… And a RING that void/cancel resist… And extra 300% plus, explosion… Please help me to retrieve my account… I enjoyed your game a LOT, and even asked my friend to play it too… But, now, I HAVE NOTHING… I hope you can help me about this matter,. Please, please, please… :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: … f929bb264b

I have logged in on my DQ Account earlier (i am at work now). the data was on lvl 1 only, and no character is there yet… it is basically, starting again from the beginning, choosing the “class” (warrior, wizard or rogue)… I am talking to your representative from the support team, I really hope we can resolve this issue. i have sent him the details on my DQ account. thank you for your quick response…