Need help? Nadroji?

im seeing a lot of builds with 100% element damage on the chest peace. The only item I have seen our found with this legend affix is nadroji.

My questions are,

Is there another chest with 100% element damage other than nadroji?

If not how are people removing the nadroji bonus and maintaining the 100% damage?

U need to use RUBY and have hope that RNG god will give u option to select it.

Thanks for the reply, I’m pretty sure you cannot get this affix with a ruby. I do not mean element crit damage (which can be obtained via ruby) I mean pure elemental damage.

You can get it with Aether Wrap at Floor 350+ I think, an exclusice Wizard Legend Chest Gear. :wink:

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Thanks hero, I didn’t check wizard gear as I hate the class hahaha. Guess I’ll have to hire him and farm a little. Thanks a ton.

Yes it’s wizard legendary chest but floor 400+.

Actually ruby does not give you 100% ed. Since nadroji wouldn’t be best idea to get 100% ed on chest, try finding aether robe which has easy 100% ed on chest. It is wizard item and it can be found at floor 400 in any difficulty mode such as very easy or mythic 3. They appear like common satyr spirit gears with proper farming gears.

Also, how people remove nadroji bonus @Wingman is using the quartz crystal to gamble so they can remove nadroji bonus while still keeping the 100% ed. It is a risky gamble though because you may end up removing both nadroji bonus and ed% and considering that nadroji robes are rare legends, it may take either a day or weeks to get another nadroji robe to do the same procedure. It is very time consuming and with all that time, you could have used it for finding so many aether robes.
That is why aether robe is such a staple in building with ed% because it is easy for literally anyone to get. Getting ed% is pretty easy nowadays because you can get it on aether robe, aether hat, entropic jewel, cognition ring, mutiny and insolence. You can get it on any piece of gears but you don’t have to have all 6 of you don’t want. Having 3 of the 100% ed is pretty balanced for ed and pretty easy to get. Since ed is so widely available, it is easily possible to get 100% weapon dmg and some % of ed while still dealing so much dmg.

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but i thought bonuses can’t be removed by anything? or am i just outdated

Thanks guys. For your responses, yeah bonuses can be removed as I tried removing it with a quartz but it removed everything but the bonus, so I used quartz it again and it vanished hahaha.

I found the robe and made my armour thanks