Need help on builds

So, I need a little help on my farming and hiking builds. Any suggestions/recommendations/violent reactions will be very much appreciated.

First off, my current farming build:

I’m using the flintlock with dodge and just got my dog with pathfinder so I’m using it now instead of Tink. But compared to the stats of Tink, my new pet has crappy affixes but gives higher dmg boost due to the Pathfinder.

So I’m looking on ways on how to improve this build. I’m having difficulties clearing 450+ floors. I’d like to go with this build until at least 600 where I can farm for the Epiphany parts.

My current stats/talents for farming.

As for my hiking set:

for the pet, I’m using the tink above but I do have a dog w/ permafrost. though I don’t use it since the boost from tink (due to affixes) are much higher. the dog has crappy affixes too btw.

please also ignore the mirror image proc on the chest, still farming for rubies.

Looking forward to your violent reactions! :joy:

add 5000 weapon damage
replace 2 crit chance and elem crit chance with 2x coat proc
replace 19% and 5000 ice damage with +4 multi attack
add deadly strike or crushing blow crystal affix on amulet
remove 15 movement speed if you dont plan on using Momentum Set
add sanctuary
add 1 glass cannon

this is for the farming set right? i do plan getting momentum on pet

for farming set.

I’d rather have a pure farming set + dps hireling. More preferable in farming at floor 1K+

as much as i’d like to, time constraints :disappointed: