Need help please

can someone guide me on what’s the best to choose on my next rebirth? i rebirth 2 times already choosing treasured and fortunate just a new one of the game i want to make mythics too but i dunno what’s suitable for rouge? help me please… thanks

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Welcome to the forum @queloune

You are definitely referring to ascension.

If you have problem with gold, get the “Dealer” perk. This will give you a lot of gold from selling loot.

If you have no problem with gold, then go for “Accomplished”/“Enshrined”. Either will give you better loots faster than if you do not have either.

With regard to mythic, it has something to do with your intended build.

You should check this:

I hope this helps.

@NUIQUE yeah i already saw griffins mythic guide but i don’t know whats nice to build for my rouge i can’t waste my mythstones and for not useful im just at 450+ floor :frowning: i already build hunter mythic so that i won’t go for the hunters ascension, got good eternal items but the more i play the more i realize mythic items are the best :frowning:

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@NUIQUE thank you so much for your time

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@kiane_zaine thank you

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These are topnotch pvp rogues my friend.

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be aware of it that it’s a pvp build, pretty useless in pve for farming
the best maps to farm is like floor 101-105
and around floor 200 m3, most monster spawn, more loot and most exp
a good farminbuild would be
enternalized 5
crystaline 5
nadroji 6
epiphany 5
and maybe adventure 5 if you have another char, if not i recommend using ice with frozen ( or both with adventure on pet, but u have to be lucky, may god be with u my friend)
you gotta need +4 all sets, the most important think ever
to get this items you probably have to buy them with dust - or insane luck to get them from drops
-a good way to get dust (only if you have dealer) is that you buy every item in the shop, you will get like 1-3 sometimes 5 legendary items after every map, but costs a decent amount of gold :frowning:
would say 2 times nadroji with bonus is the first one you want to achive, maybe the nadroji amulet with the +2 all sets first, way cheaper and usefull as a single item, with sanctuary on it
try to keep the legendary ed% on it, really strong on pve
a second char is really good, but not really nessesary, just really boring to farm from lvl 1 to 50 again without him
don’t forget to put on every item exp mythstones, helps you really much, trust me
i am in love with energy mystics , litterary dobbles your dmg, in combination with sureshot on chest and 2 cyan crit dmg affixes, holy crit i can tell you
hope this helps you for the first couple of items :blush:


this will help :slight_smile: hopei can earn fast to get better items

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Fortunate, Accomplished, and Dealer are the best first 3 Perks to get. Treasured, Enshrined, and Hunter Perks are better for the last 3 choices. this is usually for players Ascending their first Character. players Ascending a second Character might do things in a different order, depending what their goals are.

since you need more experience to get the next Perk than the last Perk, you only need to kill monsters around floors 100-110. experience from killing monsters stops going up at floor 100, so going too high just means you take longer to get the same experience you can get faster on lower floors.

going for the third Perk means you need 3x Experience than what you needed for your first Perk. you will need Quest Stones on your Equipment soon, or it is going to take you a long time to level up. look around for Ascending Builds to help you get your Perks faster.


Accomplished for me.

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I think the order you get your Perks depends on what your Goals are. when I first started playing DQ, I just went around hacking monsters and getting loot. I was into another game and so wasn’t playing DQ very seriously.

a little after Patch 3.0 came out, I wasn’t able to play the other game, so I really got into DQ, and got serious about Ascending for Perks. I did my research before I started and chose my Perks accordingly.

Accomplished: I got this first because I wanted to get Hero Points faster to improve my Skills. and I also finished the Feats faster, which got me the Rewards for finishing Feats more often. I went from getting 1 Feat every 3-4 Maps to getting 0-5 Feats every Map. since I was focused on Ascending, I needed Experience, and the Feats for killing monsters would spawn higher Tier monsters, so I would get more experience from those more powerful monsters, and also better loot!!!

Fortunate: +200% Gold Find & Luck over Cap, with +5 yard pick up radius. I had decided to Ascend on M3 Difficulty, so when I got Fortunate, my Luck & Gold Find started at +550%. I could have gotten this first, but some of the Hero Points I got fast from Accomplished went into the Fortune Skill to help with my Farming, plus I had some Fortune Affixes on my Gears already. Fortune 40 was great early on!. this also meant I got better loot for improving my Equipment to be better at Ascending.

Enshrined: all Shrines are more powerful, and you get one more Shrine per Map!!! I went from 1 map in 6 having the Shrine I wanted to 1 Map in 3. for Ascending, the Experience Shrine and Hunter Shrine were important for more Experience. the other Shrines helped in killing monsters or more loot.

Dealer: the only benefit from Dealer is I get 10x Gold selling my items. I had more than enough Gold with the first 3 Perks, but from fourth Perk on, I needed even more Gold to purchase the Perks. even Pack Size Challenge Maps weren’t giving me enough Gold.

Hunter: I had spent my Gold on other Myth Stones, and wasn’t really interested in a Hunter Ring. having +1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians spawn meant more Experience and loot!!! and now my Feats are getting finished even faster with Accomplished!!!

Treasured: I got this last. I was focused on getting all 6 Perks and finishing my Ascending. getting distracted and sidetracked by Eternal Items is a bad idea. I already knew that it kind of sucked trying to Craft Eternal Items. and getting a Crystal item that I needed when I needed it was against the odds. but now I have lots of Gold to convert Eternal & Crystal Items to Ultra Rare Crystals, which I need for other Builds.

I put a lot of thought and planning into Ascending, which I don’t do enough of with other parts of DQ, but it was worth it. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and didn’t get frustrated because I had a plan to follow that helped when things slowed down a little, like when I made changes to my Ascending Build, or I needed so much Experience to get the next Perk I thought I would die of old age first!