Need help plz

Need some twister build i’ve seen almosy every twister build and I need something new. I’m really lost at what to do rn. Dont know what set to add. I.AM. LOST and in need of help

Edit: my current not so bad set

Sets i recommend: crystalline, eternalized, x2 nadroji, epiphany. Theyre just to make the build have a purpose.

For damage youll need to look into path finder, momentum, plagued, aetherial drain, defiant, zealotry…

I know your looking at poison damage but don’t bother with drudic, its too expensive and only offers damage in pve (if you doing poison pvp its great in the right set up)

As its a pve build, you might want to look at a frozen set based build. Its quite fun to watch enemies explode cause chain reactions to massove damage. Cronos made a great example of this although its not the only of its kind, he added a video so you can see what he did

Thank you

the Weaken on your Pet Spike is getting cancelled by Ignore Resist on the Amulet of Luck. BTW, are you using this build to climb floors, get Perks, or farm for loot? getting your Twister Skill to 40 and putting extra +2 AoE affixes or increasing your Magnify to 30 or 40 will make your Twister a monster. adding Cool Down will shorten the time you have to wait to use Twister again. getting +4 All Set to increase your Sets will make your build stronger. if you are ok with lowering your HP, add a Glasscannon (Legend) for +50% damage at the cost of -50% HP.

when I was getting my Perks, for awhile, I had +60% Cool Down, and had Twisters shooting out so fast they were overlapping each other. against Epic+ monsters, I was able to have a line of overlapping Twisters hitting them until they died or drove me away with some special attack like freeze or fear.

Wow amazing equipment bro! But dont forget to use elixer stone


Thank you but how do I exactly increase magnify?

You can find magnify+10 as an epic affix


is this good enough?

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Well size is a perspective thing for ya, if you feel your big enough then great, otheriwse the game offers you opportunity to have a big boi (okay ill stop :joy: )
But i recommend swapping the +2500 armour on the pet for +7500 MP, then put all stat points into power

Oh and either swap the ring/amulet for a nadroji piece for the +2all sets or add some elixer mythstones

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