Need help pve rogue

just started playing DQ

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Lol​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: just started, but you’re already ascended four times​:joy::joy:

Need more dps … Help

Epiphany (5) will let you get Attack Speed +75% cap. you have 1 HP in Health, so take the 15 Stat Points and put them in Power. the only way for anyone to give you more advice than I have given, we would have to see what you have on your equipment. looks like a nice build, just from looking at your Guided Shot.

I already have epiphany

ok. that’s the best advice I have. hopefully others can help increase your DPS, but what you have is pretty good.

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Wow that’s actually pretty good DPS. I haven’t seen your build but if you are doing very well, that’s good.