Need help pvp build

im using chakram bomb build, i just need help on which gear should i get a mythic on, and which one not, ive been lookin to some forum which says cosmicorb is op is that even necessary and vanish too, some say its really good some say its not after got nerfed

Unlock an eternal fabled chakram from codex. Stick apocalypse in it to create an army (or mythic of choice ). Stick good stats on it etc


This is one I made earlier :slight_smile:

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Try nova in shield. Try permafrost and bonus in hat. Druidic and bonus in amulet. If possible get mythic on at 5 equipped items at least. Leave room for 1 good eternal.


Arc works well on your MH.

Nova is good for the OH.

Try Harmony on your head.

Also try the alchemy, equivalence, or blood magic mythics.

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usually they (Rogues) uses Chakram+Cosmic Orb and on OH was Skulldruga and of course. the infamous Cerebral Vortex.