Need help! (pvp build)


vampiric Touch destroys Druidic and i dont know if Fury stacks with Druidic as well if u want
and what do u mean by crafting ? but u can find a “Terra Shape” in amethyst
if u want go Rage as well u see u have 75% Health affix Some Survivability There Rage is for u
and if i was u 60% dodge and 45% block

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hmm where is your main hand sir?

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I got druidic while looking for tera so it’s not part of the build

What about hp on hit do i need it

i see about tera change the class of your item to warrior to get tera affix :smile:

Poison cloud has more damage than Poison itself but will not proc if there’s not enough enemies Go Rage for Ar maybe u dont need hp because u have dodge and pathfinder and there no build for rogue with +hp on it
and come to think of it Vampiric touch is useless for your build because u do poison damage not bleed even u have more hp thats why go rage
ragnarok for rogue is a bow? if so go with Exposed
ps. block is only for offhand

Yes it’s still warrior right now wasted about 7 amethyst on it

About the weapon I can’t show it because I screwed it. I made a wrong click in picking its
It’s crystal affix and choose something useless for my build

I mean the Chakram sir . The one with defiant.

What if I change its element to fire? And leave
Plague just for hp. Is that good or not?

well thats fine bro hope you will get it soon to not waste some crystal anymore :smile:

oh u really screwed it more but i can maybe save your build

Well I think I can show you guys the screwed ragnarok

I think I can find a build that will go nicely with

hp regeneration with vampirictouch is epic fail

Yes master please do.

I’m in need for a veterans advice

the hp regen is the only bad for met but its fine other affix are good specially the cosmic orb :smile:

Yeah I know. I would like to remove it but I just Can’t take the risk.
I might remove WD

  • plague - druidic - Rage - defiant - momentum - Pathfinder
    @Astrate and @Eater what do u think ?

No idea
I think it’s fuck up
Its an epic fail

if not maelstrom or mayhem ?
i imagines the crits now the Billion damage hahaha

Guess what


But I want pvp build :smile:
So I cant

very nice