Need help rogue farming build for almost newbie

hi im looking for a farming build for rogue that works in the current version of dq.

i dont know which type of weapon is best for farming any recommendation is accepted and im gonba look if i have the equips needed to build one

dont have epiphany yet. just the basic equips to get me to the floor where i can farm it helps thank you

Farm for Immortal Gun, Crystalline Cap, Nadroji Ring & Amulet on Floor +350.

Farm build without epiphany recommendations:

If you have hirling, get fortune 20 on both of them.

Get at least 1× 225% luck on both characters and some luck nature or epic affix on pet/gear.

You’ll easily get 650% luck (850% if you use Fortunate ascension perk).

For main character, you will probably use Eternalized and Crystalline found from floor 350+ . If you are new at finding mythstones, Mythical will also help. The rest of the set affixes can be for DMG output.

Well the first rogue main will also have 1× Gold find crystal affix whilst the rest of the gold find is taken care of by fortune 20 on both characters and mythic 3. Easily 650% gold find (850% from perk).

Hirling is entirely DMG output except the 1× lunch Affix crystal and some item drops affixes from Mythstone or 2 legend affix or 3 item drop per character.
That’s 200% item drops (but it appears as 300% when you wear hirling and that 300% is very real and very worth it).

Slots taken on first character: 2× crystal affix slot for 1 Luck and 1 Gold Find. Then either 6 slots for item drops fortune Mythstone or 2 slots taken for legend item drops. Fortune 20 hero points obviously.
Also 2 slots taken for Eternalized and Crystalline set. If you win for Anything so, 3 set slots. Well if you had Epiphany, usually 3 set slots anyways but this idea is if you don’t have Epiphany.

Thats around 7 to 11 slots taken out of 36 (if i not include the pet).

The rest of the slots can be used for DMG like glasscannon, wd% , ed% , possible Barbarian legend affi; Mythics like Energy/Fury or Alchemy or even Discordance; along with chest mythics like Exposed, Ruptured or Brutal; Weapon mythic like cosmic orb for example ; and sets like Demonic (which is similar to relentless but far more DMG), Momentum if you have high move speed affixes and skills, Living Force for rogue projectiles and sets like Frozen for Ice Explosions or Plagued for Poison Cloud high DMG.

Possible crystal affixes as well as farm affixes could be Crit DMG, crit chance and crushing blow possibly.

Rogue skills you could use: Flintlock farm build (plenty of those on forums), chakram/whirling blades, dagger blinkstriker or even a Bow build. Bow build is also very promising, especially with the DMG per pierced on hero points (chakram skills have that too).

Although since you will use crystalline and Eternalized, the options are Flintlock build with Immortal Flintlock or Dagger Blinkstrike build.

For hirling: she will have 1× crystal luck but the rest crystal affix are DMG. 2 slots or 6 slots taken for item drops (the 2 slots is if it’s 2× 50% item drops). Total slots taken for farming is only 3 or 7 slots.

The rest of the slots can be for DMG and this hirling could be rogue or any class you choose and the hirling can attack with whatever skill they want without weapon restrictions due to Crystalline or Eternalized weapon.

thanks for the tip sir i have all of them what about the oh weapon ?

hi sir thanks for helping really appreciate it…

ill try to create one later. my problem now is what set affix to use all i know how to use is momentum and adventure hehehe

For farm build , make sure you get Eternalized and Crystalline at least. Optional is Nadroji or Mythical . Although i would also recommend Nadroji. Hirling can be whatever set you choose. For the rest of the slots, well you said you could use Momentum+ Adventurer. Then you’d need move speed from coat Skill which isn’t problem and hero points.

The other set you could use is Arcanist and Ascendant (or frozen and permafrost). Although if you use hirling with great DMG like with frozen but also want Arcanist, one way is putting Arcanist on Hirling and Ascendant on farm build. Or you could put Ascendant and Arcanist on one build each. But i think leaving room for Frozen set affix is a good idea however.

If you do reach floor 600 and at epic difficulty though and find Epiphany Legends, good luck incorporating for farm build (though it can be difficult to find). But you don’t have that yet so don’t focus on that until you reach there at floor 600+.

i have a wizard hireling i copied cronos build dama dama something but not exactly since that build has good pet and i dont hehe.

i might try the frozen since its cool coz its colored blue hehe.

so eternalized crystalline momentum adventure frozen permafrost? whats good affix to add for the 7th slot sir if i may ask hehe sorry

Arcanist maybe. Ascendant on hirling and you technically are using 8 sets to your advantage. But just remember your hirling will be more powerful so be careful.

Or Ascendant as seventh slot and Arcanist on Hirling since hirling deals the most DMG and more DMG means better loot in farming.

Eternalized, Crystalline , Momentum
, Adventurer, Frozen, Permafrost and 7th slot is up to you being Ascendant or Arcanist.

But i was also thinking maybe Demonic over Permafrost. But other than that, great build. Also if it’s flintlock, technically you could also use Angelic for APS and DMG increase from set. Many ideas for sure.

Hirling is whatever you want. Similar set setup but without crystalline and Eternalized so more room for DMG. But if you like Arcanist and Ascendant on one build , replacing Adventurer maybe could help.

Crystal affixes: 1× 225% luck, 1× 225% gold find, 1× Crit Chance, 1× Crit Dmg, 1× 90% Weaken and 1× Crushing Blow.

Well you could also use Rage Set affix for seventh slot as your build technically doesn’t really need Arcanist or Ascendant but that’s a bonus. Hirling can have it though. Or 6× strength nature and 1× crit dmg epic affix.

Deadly strike from Deadeye 20.

my hireling has arcanist but dont have ascendent yet havent got the chance to get a pet with ascendent affix.

also i noticed from other guides all rogues has multi attack and attack speed are these affix a must to have ?

Multi attack for Flintlock is for more bullets. For my rogue orb build, that’s for more MH% DMG because of the Discordance Mythic to take advantage of.

Attack speed also great with Flintlock.

alright ill add multi attack and attack speed

is there a guide that i can read so i can know which mythic affix is good to add?

Also reading the codex thoroughly for the mythics on the Mythics section of the Dictionary part of the codex .

Common great mythics: Brutal Chest Mythic to make deadly strike 3× the crit dmg instead of 2×, Vanish offhand mythic for survivability if you can implement it (rogue best for it though due to hero point), Resource mythics like Energy or Fury , Cosmic orb MH mythic and even head mythics where possible such as Harmony, or Desperation and definitely Sanctuary Mythic for Amulet to revive after death once every 30 seconds.

frozen , eternalized , crystalline , momentum , adventure , ascendent , (angelic/demonic/permafrost) .

brutal , cosmic orb , vanish , sanctuary , harmony .

ill just figure it out which one is better fury or energy hehe

this is just for future ref. for me hehe

thanks for helping sir

Fury only buff special skill DMG by 50% but you will never run out of mana when you cast flintlock constantly and high attack speed makes fury extremely useful with primary skill. Most likely recommended for your flintlock farm build .

Energy could work but risky with high attack speed but it operates on missing MP%.

But other mythics could be Alchemy for Flintlock as it works well with any primary skill but that mythic takes a bit of figuring out. It’s not that hard though and nice results with sets like Masochism.

Ok thanks. Your welcome :smile: .