Need help rogue farming build thanks

Hi,i need a good Rogue build for hireling in pve,with balance to farm good ítems,cristals and ítems cristaliced/eternamente,bit with a good damage to clean fast carto maps,because i m low of rare cristals,i accept any sugestion,but that a good idea builds with images of the ítems of the builds,thanks

Type “farm” in the search box and then pick one that suits your play style and current crafting resources

Hmm I still use my warrior build ‘fetch’ with huge pick up radius(40, this being with all legend pickup radius’ maxed, one being eternal(10, double the usual 5) and the default 5) the robe is an eternal nadroji and the ring also has nadroji, weapon has crystalline and helm has eternalised, item quantity mythstone on every gear, epiphany(for extra luck/gold find), adventurer(for move speed) and because its a warrior wraith makes sure all nearby destructables are destructed(barrels, boxes, plants etc.)

My recommendation… Don’t forget natures and hero points into fortune, smoke bomb and vault… Fill blanks with luck/goldfind until maxed then any space left over, use to get extra dodge/block (keep these two even for Max efficiency) the trickster is for pet and will cause deception to always be active
Anything with a question mark is not needed

The build will do jack all for damage but will do more than enough to keep enemy’s off your back… Just let the hireling kill everything for you while you get the loot

Welcome back @TeaCup your gear and affix sheet has a similar layout to one I used a while back.

Very thanks for the tips,learning to make the best build and farming jaja

One more question good people,this is the build of my running farming warrior,wait for nadrogi chest and some tunning in the affixes,what is your Opinion of this build, its statistics and others, thanks, these are the images

I gotta remember having similar layout but before epiphany existed. Using trickster and stuff for farming was fun.

Warrior with poison acting like fortune bringer but when Mindful talent was broken af and when my wizard was Eternalized aftermath newb .