NEED HELP!: Stat Points

My stat points usee to be 103 power 103 mana 103 health points but then I wanted to change it on my level99 wizard. What is the best recommendation to spend stat pounts on. Ill show a picture of what i changed it. Suggest to me what stat point should be most prioritized. Im going for power because I want to deal as much damage as possible.

Im asking this because I want to win a lot more in mythic league! Im currently using a crystal aftermath set.

You should try mama/power points only

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Ok. Ill give that a shot! Thanks for suggesting this. The reason i did a lil bit of hp because i was worried it would be too low for battle arena or single player. I will see what I can do! :smile: Fauns gift from my fairy will support this :)smile:

i did that and Im winning a lot more in battle arena. I did use stolen galea to add my hp for battle arena battles and im smashing players more often. I am using cataclysm and i added inferno on the cataclysm ring when i removed fire % affix. Im so close to eternal league but i still have to get top 100.

Keep it up eternal league have around 25ish spot left

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Your advice of having stat points at mana points and power is really working because I added energy mythic affix to an unreal hood. Energy is so strong because it regens so fast and does more damage. Is energy better than fury mythic affix? I only discovered the formula for mythics today in dungeon quest wikipedia. Thanks a lot. It really pays off :smile: Im winning more smoothly and quicker with energy affix that i got a high win streak relatively quick. Shall i use skiled mythic or brutal mythic. What happens If i mix energy and fury with each other? Will it do more damage, have a larger mp bar or suck? I chose energy over bloodmagic because I find it more reliable. Bloodmagic for me doubles the cost of casting spells and I die more often in battle arena but with energy, ive been streaking up to 10 wins at least and at worst, 5 wins. Hope you understand @VicBot

I think energy and fury doesn’t stack since they both convert your resource system. But I might be wrong.

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I havent tried it yet so thats why i asked.

energy and fury are resources type. only 1 will work.

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Thx for the tip :smile: I think energy is better than fury because it regens instead of losing 5% fury each time. Correct me if im wrong. Both increase damage % by their current resource type so yea.