Need help to make a build for Eternal Cataclysm + Discordance

So this is my first time to ever ask for help in making a build. It is just not my forte.

I have an Eternal Cataclysm Ring. I want to pair it with Discordance.

Can anyone help me?

Honestly I 'm confused where should I begin. Can’t even decide what element I want. Hahaha.

try to look here

i forgot what is the cataclysm ring. is it the mayhem ring which consist of lots of procs?

discordance build. der lots of ways to use this build one is to make a build that inc ur special skill mh dmg by adding multi attack affix as well as being able to spam it well

another is u can spam ur mh special skill infinitely (if u have mana) ex. blinkstrike special skill w/torrent or earthshatter or smokebomb proc then u rely on procs for dmg/dps. it depends on u what u prefer on how u set it up.

as for element i highly suggest u use. ice then add frozen affix really OP helps ur burst mob/carto in mere sec. can clear pack size mob easily. another choice is arcanist + ascendant affix this is pretty OP this 2.3 u can inc ur dmg significantly by arcanist arcane debuff (dont use ignore resist affix on this build. use weaken % affix pump it up 150-200%) for better dmg boost

yes it is cata then they update the DQ it become mayhem ring

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I want to add Reactor. Any suggestions???

go to cronos build posted a while ago discordance w/ reactor using arcinest+ascendant set affix.

I believe this is what you’re searching for.