Need help to perfect this item

Need some help should i change some affix ?

That looks perfect to me


1 item cant be perfect alone IMO, let say that item used on a build without plagued set affix but u have element crit damage, poison element will not great as u will need 1 slot affix for element crit chance affix to have chance spawn poison cloud. while u dont need element crit chance if u use shock element since stun consider as parilyze too. 1 item look perfect on the whole picture, i mean all other part too, perfect item exist when it complete each other. but for affix i would say it perfect on the bow, i mean perfect rolled.

Wow, 100% WD and 45% AS. Apollo or Artemis must have wielded that. :heart_eyes:

I would change 5000 poison with 2 EAC

Nice affix

I would change 5000 poison to 100% Blight

Replace the Flat Poison Damage, with 2 EAC.
Flat Poison Damage contributes the least to your DPS

(I personally prefer having 4 EAC and 4 multi-attacks in general, but its just my preference cuz y not? turn your bow into a minigun) :smile: