Need help with bow rouge pve build

Hello guys. Where should i start ? Im playing this game since release. This is probably the only game i enjoy to play offline. So im running atm a poison based bow eogue build. This is based on an old build i saw here. Idk if poison got nerfd or im just doing something wrong. I got stuck on lvl 400, the poison clouds seems to be a good dmg dealer, but after i hit the 400levels it just gets too slow, and its not rly time efficient. I do run these lvls on the highest mythic difficulty with pack size 100+%. It used to be something light the good ol blightbog build, but i faild to copy everything. So the only thing here is im not giving up is using a bow :wink:

Having trouble with imagesharing sites so i uploaded it to a no name one. Hope thats okay.

Any advice is welcome here.
Should i go for frost build ?

use, fire element, with, CF and crushing blow, with epiphany bonus, skilled mythic in chest, fury mythic, focus on guide shot…

epiphany/with bonus, inferno, 2x CF, momentum, adventurer, pathfinder,

cyan affix, 75% attack spd, crushing blow 2x… weaken
use multi atk, GC,
and sanctuary in amulet…