Need help with build!

It is not doing damage the way I thought it to be

Helmet was suppose to be plague X delete it with kyanite trying to change it back now it’s frozen Lol

Max crit?
Cap of haste ? has frozen lol it will not stack i know u know that hahaha
change it back :smiley:

poison will not do well with your build maybe because u have no Plague and the other set with poison i forgot hahaha sorry maybe remove masochism
poison set is not the way to go if u go damage build to your rogue im not that great a rogue build but maybe fire/ bleed?

and i see the Crushing blow is bug but i have to see pretty damn great build

Crushing blow is a bug ? So it does not work

I feel awful
I didn’t know

Well the point of masochism there is it lowers my hp nearly zero making full use of defiant.
Lol idea if it works that way but I think it does :sweat_smile:

Ty for the advice I think I’ll turn this to ice element since it all ready has frozen set affix on it

oh yeah see im not that good at set and sh** lol but look at the crushing blow

What’s wrong with crushing blow

I don’t get it

Hiya I was wounding how did you upload ur screenshots I’m on mobile and can’t figure how to do it nice build btw :smiley:

Same I’m in mobile too. In the bottom right corner of your screen.Upload Button there

Wow I feel so dumb lol thanks a lot

What difficulty and floor do you play? This build looks on floor 1000 and below

Crushing Blow WAS bugged and has been FIXED to ensure damage is based purely on enemy HP.

So if you’ve seen builds or players showing off quadrillion of damage at high floors - that was because of bugged crushing blow

So does that mean that crushing blow is a bug and wont work. I’ve searched the furom about this crushing blow bug and couldn’t find any so I made the rush decision and replace it with this

Ty mastah

And I got floor 1500ep8 with this build

damn Bro 1500 im on 1100

Yup 1500 but it is getting hard to clear the game without any casualties

yeah but if u get to floor 1k the gold drop is real maybe 5 to 6 hr of gameplay i can get 150 to 200k gold
but i used it all up on revive’s Hazzzzzzz :confused:

5 to 6 hours only 200k how come. I can farm millions of gold given that time . What perks did you get?

all of them i’m in mythic
here’s my set

but ween the update release all of my items was deleted
and didnt backup started with my old set but still on mythic

With that build are you perhaps doing quad damage :astonished:

i dont get the damage calculation i can one hit mobs if poison cloud procs but like the main poison does not do much damage i only do damage if there’s more mobs that my disadvantage
my build is pretty balance for tanky / damage / survivability