Need help with hireling

I just recently got a hireling (warrior) and my main is a wizard.However he currently seems pretty useless to me.He lowers my luck and gold find all that stuff and he doesent do any dmg since i dont have a good build for him (no nadroji) and i wont use a jasper yet bcs i can still solo clear with my wizards farming build.However he is about lvl 85 and i am thinking of getting the perk which allows you to sell stuff for 1000%gold on him however i am also close to my secons ascension on my main and I will also get that perk on him.Should I abandon my hireling till i get a good enough build so i can farm legend mats to make gear for him or should i let him leech exp and prestige him?If i use him i have a higher chance of getting warrior gear so i can craft stuff for him tho.On war i currently have only fauns gift and adventurer gear besides wep which is still blue and i only spent points in strength fortune and hp and on wiz i have some farming build with eternal satyr wep (40 fortune with poison dmg)

In my opinion, farm your main a little longer and you will still ahve Warrior drops from time to time so you can just throw those items at your hierling and sooner or latter your hierling will also be doing some job.

The question is should i farm with or without the war hired?I have a lot more luck and item drops and rarity without him but im ascending both at the same time if im using them both plus i get more gear for the legendex so i could craft smthing if i need him to be usefull and not rly on rng to drop good war gear on my wiz

Farm on your wiz alone first. When you have enough resources, Make a luck/gold find gear for your warrior to max your luck/gold find.

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