Need help with my build to my wizard (pve)

Ok, lets try this. I have been playing wizard for some time now and like to use orb and skull shield (think that was right) as main dps and survivabillity. This is my build

I am very unsure on what do to improve it, right now can only get to about floor 250 on m3 and about 305 in legendary. I need help to get higher dos with this skill set/ playstyle so that I can progress in the game, using hunters ring at the moment but will be able to switch that out at my next ascension soon so any suggestions there aswell. Wanna keep bloodmagic though cause it feels good.

Try this one u can get 500th with them also u can make frozen build like this too.Just need to add Elemental Crit,crit chance,crit dmg,Hp,GF i think it’s gonna be better than this.(U can use that till +500) Don’t use hunter mythic,get dealer perk to buy hunter perk quickly.

To make most of using orb-reactor, try using Discordiance mythic (in place of Bloodmagic) along with +4 EAC and 2 pieces of +2 Multi attack.Replace Cerebral vortex and Equality with Adventurer set for increased damage and movement speed, and Momentum for another increased damage (can be obtained by amethyst or jaspering a warrior item with momentum set). Add Arcanist to complement with Ascendent which provides a good damage boost. For survivability use Sanctuary mythic (on amulet), Dodge, Movement speed (very important to evade furries; enemies falling from the sky), and/or Block affixes. Also, always add 2 pcs of +2 All sets to have at least +5 rank to every set affix.

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Thanks, can you just tell me what EAC is and what Arcanist is? and Also how do I get the Sanctuary and Discordiance mythics? I have played for over a year now but only recently started to use the forum and dont really know everything that is necessary. Thanks for the tips. also can I roll explosive legend aswell? I love the waveclear in that. Also is it worth it to get the eternal Zeus? and also, I somehow used a crystal and got rid of skulldraga, can I get that back? Also I just checked the codex for the adventurer set, only found it on helmet and chest piece, but I got cerebral vortex and equality on the skullshield thingi and the amulet (I dont know all the correct terms)

You get +4 EAC (Extra Attack Chance) by placing Zenith mythstone on either MH (Main hand) or OH (Off hand) Weapons, with max cap of +4 EAC so only place one on either MH or OH. While you get +2 Multi Attack by placing Zenith mythstone on rings and amulets, with max cap of +4 Multi attack so place zenith ms on both. Both can also be obtained through loot, or rolled through ruby (except EAC), both need the gears to have sockets on them or by placing sockets (by Zircon crystal), and can also be recycled by removing them using Garnet crystal.

Sanctuary mythic is the combination of Mentor, Wisdom, Endow, and Return mythstones. While Discordiance mythic is the combination of Mentor, Boon, Death, and Fortune mythstones.

Yes, legend explosive affix can be rolled by ruby.

Eternal Zeus is worth it at least if you found one with 100 lvl, or you don’t have enough amethyst crystals. Otherwise it’s better to have Defiant set on MH and place Reactor on other item via amethyst.

Use Amber crystal again to roll back to skulldraga.

Arcanist set together with Ascendent set is simply good as it is, but to know more about them just do search about “Arcanist + Ascendent” here in forum. Cerebral vortex is useless in pve and very useful in pvp. You need to be hit to activate it, and in pve, letting enemies hit you is a suicide. Choose either chest or head piece for Adventurer set, but you can use amethyst for it if you have some to spare.

You can also check for orb reactor builds here in this forum for reference.


Alkahest’s Orb Build

It’s really nice but something must change:
Wp DMG+ > Frostbiting
Discordance > Nova
Crystal Dodge > Crystal Block
Adventurer > Iceburn
Exposed > Brutal
MS > Frostbiting
Momentum > Demonic
MS > Discordance
Amplify > Wizardry
Pathfinder > Aetheral Drain
2nd Crystal Weaken > Crystal Crushing Blow
Ascendent > Permafrost
+10 Empower > Weaken
+250 MP Per Hit > Deadly Strike
If u can trigger DS regularly with %30 chance then keep Empower and change MP Per Hit with Weaken.
Last 19 pts to MS on Skill Tree.
Also u can give your stats pts to Mana too.Try and select which one is good.
U can climb with this build.But i don’t advice it use CF+Frozen Build.Keep Immo DMG% affixes on your items (maybe u can’t use Amulet cuz Legendary ED% will be better) and fill in the blanks.

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if you are Ascending for Perks, climbing higher floors will only slow you down. the monsters only get harder to kill, they can kill you easier, and the Experience you get from monsters stop going up at level 100. you need 2x Experience for the second Perk, and 3x Experience for the third. eventually you will want 6 Quest Stones on your Equipment to max out your Experience Bonus. that is 6 less spaces to do damage or defend. and a lot of people put some Farm affixes on their Ascending Build, so they can get more Gold and better Luck, to get better loot as they play and get ready to make better Builds later when done getting all the Perks. most players farm for Experience on floors 100+ to 200, depending on how fast they want to get experience and if there is a particular item they want to get. plus the advice of the other Posters on the Thread, good job everyone. :+1:


Yes, I wanna reach higher floors mainly to get equipment, I do only farm exp on 100-200
But thanks for the knowledge I lacked before xD

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there are some good items that can only be gotten on the higher floors, but if your gears are too weak, you will die a lot. there are some players who don’t worry about getting Perks, and still have fun farming and climbing and stuff. the thing is, if you want to get Perks, the more of them you want, the more Experience you will need, and the longer it takes to get them. when I was Ascending for Perks, my last Ascending Gears had 6 Quest Stones, 2 Nadroji Sets and 1 Nadroji Bonus, 20 Hero Points in Fortune, and I think I had 2x Gold Find and Luck. that is a lot of space not doing damage or defending, and at higher floors it makes a difference. if you are having a tough time getting a certain item, just use Dust to get it, you can always just farm for the others when you have the Amazing @ColdButBeautiful DQ Adventuring Gears. it took a bit of farming to get the Crystals, Myth Stones, and Gold to make a Farm Build that can climb to floor 1,000 (I am up to 910 now on M3) but it needs a little more tweaking again, as I am slowing down from dying 2-5 times a map.


Waste of slots.U already collecting enough gold for Ascend slowly till reach 99 lvl on either.Cuz u should just kill Rare,Epic enemies on Magic Maps for don’t waste your time and salvage legendaries.

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haha, I did that, that is why I had the Nadroji Bonus + Pack Size + Magic 150%+ monsters + Rare 450%+ monsters + M3 difficulty. I even started using the Map Affix that gives monsters +1-2 affixes to give better chances to get the +100% Experience monster affix. it still took a long time for 6 Perks. maybe I should have played 30 hours a day, but I am not that strong. I even had the Accomplished Perk first, so I was getting tons of Magic, Rare, Legend, and Mythic monsters all the time from finishing feats all the time. I had 6 Quest Stones, an Experience Shrine, and a Mythic Monster with the Experience affix on M3. when I defeated it, it gave. . .well, I can’t find my post, but it was around 50 million experience for the Mythic monster, and my experience bar barely moved. kind of made me depressed. ahh, found the post ‘When Mythical Monsters Visit Shrines’. ‘Slimed by Steiger’ was a post about when I had all the monster Feats at the same time. also, if you need a billion experience to get a Perk, and you get 1 million experience from a monster, 3 million if you have 6 Quest Stones…I ended up with a build that kills monsters fast on floor 110 M3 with 6 Quest. my only goal was getting Perks, and not dying and maybe a little farming for loot to improve my build as I want along. but you are right @perseusdoge, not everyone is interested in maxing out Experience (that was hard for me to write), we all have our own way of getting ahead in DQ.


U are right about the last one but when ur lvl low quest stones not effective so much already u getting more exp gain while lvl uping so i think i don’t need quest stones.Cuz i already spending millions of gold to convert crystals,mythstones,eternal&crystal legends so my gold and exp progressing in proportion.

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ahh, I only had a few Quests on my level 1 and 40 gears, I think 2 on the level 1, and 2 or 3 on the level 40. it was my level 100 gears that had 6 Quests, since that was where the hard work was getting the experience. level 70+ for Perks 5 & 6 is what took me so long, the first 4 Perks kind of went pretty fast.

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Still everything nice for me; i don’t care Hunter&Enshrined :sweat_smile:
@ColdButBeautiful I think u too don’t take them seriously :wink:


ok just got a few questions more to ask… second perk? which one is good (allready got the one that multiply sell price of items)
thinking of something other than the one you can get with hunters rings since then I can have 3 perks (just using an item for the third one)
and also, can anyone of you give me some steps to follow? I know all the help I have been given is wonderful but I just dont know where to start. I dont got taht many crystals or mythstones (mostly the above 8 only and some below but not that many)
so I need a more stepwise guide to know what do focus on at the moment. right now as I read in some other thread I farm at 180-200 on m3 and farm dust or whatever so I can get good crystals when buying cheep eternals and converting them…
also so sry for taking so much of your time but I feel like a real noob even after 1 year + of playing.

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Dealer Perk: the one you have, many players like getting this first as it gives 1,000% gold when selling items.
Fortunate Perk: this is also a good Perk early on, as it gives +200% Gold Find and Luck over Cap. so more gold and better items.
Accomplished Perk: I got this one first because of +5 yard pick up radius and 25% less requirements to finish the Feats and get their rewards (rounded down). also, it mean you are getting your Hero Points faster.
Treasured Perk: this one gives +300% to Crystal and Eternal item drops. good for those who want to get an early start on getting powerful items. I got this last, as getting Perks was my focus, not powerful items.
Enshrined Perk: this one is good for middle or later Perks, as you get 1 more Shrine and Shrine boosts are increased by +300%. except for the Hunter Shrine.
Hunter Perk: many people get this later or last. some people don’t get it at all, using the Hunter Mythic instead. it gives +1-3 Epic Guardians when you activate a Shrine or Pool. the Hunter Shrine already has +1, so it would be +2-4. if you like the idea of getting lots of experience from Epic Monsters and better loot, then you could get this a little earlier. since some Legend/Eternal items only drop from Epic+ monsters, this makes it easier to get them.
Focus: if you want Perks, you need an Experience, or Ascending Build. you lose some space for getting the Experience, but you are getting Perks, so that is ok. floors 100-200 are the usual ones for getting Perks. experience for monsters stops going up at floor 100. since you are on these lower floors, some space can be used to put some farm affixes in to get some loot while getting Perks (this is what I did)
if you want Crystals, Myth Stones, Dust, Legend and Eternal Items, and lots of Gold, you want a Farm build. it just needs to be strong enough to get what you want on the floor you can find stuff.
these are the 2 choices for the Noob player, even a 1 year DQ player. :wink:


First buy a warrior as hireling cuz Wiz&Rouge can’t be very effective as Warrior as early stages on the game.

When i was like u i climbed till 200 and started to make a tank warrior build like that (i don’t take dmg on 500th floor):

(One dodge on the equipments will be block and Total AR%,All Resist on Pet will change with CB%,Block)

Cuz i’ve already made a build like this:

Momentum MH, Satyr’s Spirit OH, Druidic Chest, Nadroji’s Helm,Faun’s Gifts&Nadroji’s Accessories with Plagued Pet.If u have nı pet don’t worry just remove Nadroji’s Helm and use Faun’s Gifts Helm with Plagued Accessory.
Remove everything about not about element,move speed,dmg(of course keep set affixes :sweat_smile:).Add epic element dmg% on your all items.Also add crit chance,crit dmg,luck,gf as u can do as.Definitely use BloodMagic on your Warrior cuz MP is problem for warriors.Also u gonna get DMG bonus too.Use Zealous talent on ring blessed on chest (also u can add zealous to your equipments too).Make same thing on your Wiz just change Momentum Lance to Permafrost Gaunlet.Stay 200th floor for Nadroji Equipments.Use warrior as main.Change your Horn Special to Taunt.Select Dealer Perk on your Warrior.Gice your hero pts to STR>DEX>Fortune on Skill Tree.Keep farming till reach resources to make sets like them(my Wiz’s or Warrior’s).And select Treasured Perk as 2nd.Mustn’t use hammer or Vampiric Touch+BloodMagic(on wiz) like me.I just tried my chance and got them on first time so i kept them.I think u can climb till 350th floor without my current builds.When u reached there start to try drop Eternellized,Crystalline items.U’ll make a real build then.When u got them check this out:


Lol, i just wrecked my wiz orb reactor build weeks ago @perseusdoge. Had to strip down some affixes like frostbiting for farm affixes (legend item drops), but still it works on 500+ floors though. Had to replenish resources for pvp build testing, so… :sweat_smile: . Anyways, i don’t think replacing discordiance with nova is good because it will render EAC and multi attack useless in that build. Also, using nova is a bit off since you’ll just be attacking from a distance, spamming orbs and arcs.

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Wiz. Orb reactor is awesome with discordance. Add in frozen and momentum and boom

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But if you in the skill thing lvl orb to 40 it will give -100% projectile speed. which means you need to be close. though it deal a lot more dmg than when it moves it makes you get really close to the enemies.

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