Need help with my build

Hi. I’m new to the game and I’m finding it difficult to progress past floor 300, my wizard and rogue hire just die way to easy and it’s costing loads of gold to keep respawning. Can anyone like me a decent farming/survival build for both plz, thanx

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You can try this one but the problem is your current floor.

Use dodge, block or up your dps for faster floor killing.

more damage faster, or dodge, or block, or stun, or freeze, or blind, or knock back, or fear, or taunt, or maybe minions of some kind to distract. right now, you know what you have isn’t working anymore. you should go to a lower floor and farm for more loot, because you will be tweaking the builds you have now, or crafting new builds that can climb higher, and that means you will be using lots of Crystals and some Myth stones.
what I did was make a lot of mistakes, did some testing, read the Forums for information and ideas, and kept playing and learning. I am still learning, but I played a lot and now I know a little more than I did when I first started playing DQ. I know this isn’t much help, but just don’t give up. DQ is a lot of fun.

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I can’t get my luck any higher that 650% an I missing something?

Use Epiphany Set.