Need help with my War. Toss Build

  1. According to there two different Deadly strike. The one epic affix gives you chance to x2 crit dmg on crit and the one crystal affix gives you chance to deal crit dmg if crit misses. Which Deadly strike is Sureshot refer to or are the informations on Wikia not correct?

  2. There is something not right with the +% total HP formular. I currently have 36k HP and when i add +16,5% total HP it would only increase to 39,2 k, which is not 16,5% of 36k.

  1. Deadly Strike dealing 2x crit dmg is correct on crystal affix, epic affix and mythstone affix too. Sureshot makes you deal 100% chance to deadly strike and crit at the same time on full HP enemies.
  2. You probably might have added glasscannon, equivalence or something, you may have added some 7500 HP also and some other factor.

  1. So flat HP is better then since the +% total HP affix is calculated differently. And is it the same case with +% elemental dmg, +% weapon dmg and +% armor?

  2. Are there any other ways to get ultra rare crystal except for converting rare crystals and crystal/eternal items? Like can you loot them and if yes above which floor?


I cannot sorry:(, anyway just improve and you will do your mega build! About my build i can just say that have stuns for days, santuarium and dodge for years, and DAMAGE, Alot of it!


101 floor m3 and 500+ floor m3

Yes use flat hp 7500 each gear :slight_smile:
And flat elem damage 5000

Make sure you activate tresured perk
20 heroic points luck
Item quantity
trust rng

If u doing challenge map make sure its always epic(complete affix map)

Sometimes I got ultra rare crystal in props like grass box chess etc . use always imp pet they convert item to crystal and legend item


@Octopussies for the Crystals, if you notice, at higher floors, you don’t get the lower Crystals in loot. floor 500-510 are the best for farming for the high Crystals. that means, even though you can’t loot Larimar any more at floor 500, Obsidian is easier to loot, but only a little easier. if you have Crystaline Set, 1012% luck, and 350% item drop, on floor 500-510, that is the best you can get for improving Obsidian drops, or other Ultra Rare Crystals. right now, I get about 2 Obsidian from drops to 5 from converting Crystal/Eternal items. some times I might get a bunch in a short time, and then it might be awhile before I see one again. my luck is at 850%, with an average of 150% item drop, so I have some improving to do myself.


How can you farm a floor above 200 over and over again. Buy a bunch of maps from store when you reach floor 500? But that is expensive. And what happened to 510+? I thought the higher floor you get the better the drops.

Although I picked Fortunate as my first perk my luck are now only 400% at m3. It should be 600% or not?


Buy 1 map. Each map drops a cartographer who drops a map when he dies at the next floor level.


So 1 map required.


at Floor 500, that is the max for improving drops for Crystals and Myth Stones. for me, I make sure to buy the map for the floor I am on while I am selling items, that way I don’t forget. I just buy 1 at a time, because if you buy a lot for the same floor, it takes up space. but every one has a system of doing it that works for them. Fortunate gives 200% luck and gold find. M3 gives luck and gold find 350%, so together, that would be 550%. you would need to put points in Fortune Skill, or gold find/luck affixes, or luck/greed Natures to make them go higher. having a Hireling without Fortunate will result in lower values.


Yeah I have two Luck natures that give me 50%. Together it should be 600 with fortunate perk, but my current luck is only 400%. That is what I don’t understand.

And do the monsters get stronger after 500 since the drop rate has maxed?

  1. If i have Skilled and Endow on my weapon, would it be +100% dmg or are there some other factor that keep it from happening?

  2. My hatchet has 2,40 aps, do crystal and eternal hatchets have more aps? The only way for me to increase my aps is through attack speed since + extra attack and + multi attack only work for MH and cdr doesn’t increase my aps on toss right?

  3. How far can Toss travel, because i kind of want to calculate the dmg boost from Ballista?

  4. Does Defiant work like this: For example Defiant (5) gives you 25% and another 25% of 20% HP missing (your max HP is 10k and you currently have 8k). So 25% of 20% is 5% and you’ll get 30% increase dmg and dmg reduction?

  5. Is this how the increased dmg from Blood Magic calculated: If you are missing 2k HP then your dmg would increase by 1,6k?

  6. Should i convert legend arena chests to eternal chest? Gotta be more than just one eternal item in the chest right since the converting costs 10 legend chest and 10m gold.

  1. Skilled is a Mythic that affects primary skill and Endow is WD%, quite different in terms of DMG and boosts. Skilled will increase the Primary Skill MH by 50% and Endow will add 50% weapon DMG. That doesn’t mean 100% more dmg at all. Though epic 100% WD and legend 200% WD are better options imo compared to endow, and skilled should only be used if you are using a Primary skill such as barrage.

  2. To increase APS, increase attack speed from either crystal attack speed, epic attack speed, mythstone, if a hero point/talent increases APS and a set affix like Angelic and Hunger. Angelic can be added by amethyst in any class for skills 1 second or under like toss, but Hunger set found at only high floors like floor 800 rogue (or dust codex unlock/craft). Being Eternal/crystal won’t increase APS unless the Attack Speed affix is increased basically. Yes Multi Attack doesn’t affect APS for toss and it period only works on MH skills; toss is OH. Reduce CD can increase APS since you can attack more with less CD and it is noticeable at less than 1 second. having toss cast every 0.5 seconds means you can cast 2 more toss or 2 more APS.

  3. Toss travels approximately 20 yards or so but i’m not exactly sure. Ballista will do quite a bit of dmg for toss and combined with Living force when it returns for even more dmg. #

  4. Yes. That sounds about right. Good also with sanctuary when you only have 10% HP left and 90% HP missing. 25% of 90% would be 22.5%. 22.5%+25%= 47.5% DMG increase and dmg reduction. Normally you have 25% dmg and dmg reduction that stays due to defiant. Defiant is pretty nice to pair with bloodmagic which can deal up to 200% dmg based on missing HP (well not exactly 200% since you cant have 100% missing HP but you can get close). 90% missing HP, 180% dmg increase from bloodmagic combined with defiant overall 47.5% dmg increase is a good one. Glasscannon can be quite useful too but only flaw to bloodmagic is doubled spell cost and only using HP. Of course at high floor you can get one hit koed no matter what so dodging and killing helps but thorns would affect you. HP on hit helps on thorns enemies in that case. Other mythic options are Energy and Fury though.

  5. No. if you missing 2k HP and you had 10k HP, it would be 200%*20%= 40% dmg increased. 16k dmg increase isn’t much really so it makes sense that dmg is increased in percentages % and multiplied by them.

  6. You can but you don’t have to. If you win arena a lot, you can get many eternal chests and if you have at least 10+ eternal chests stacked up, open them in hopes for an eternal trophy (reach eternal league for eternal trophy unlock). If you have so many legend chests, do also convert them into eternal chests. Main farming won’t come from arena so the chests are bonuses. You can convert some eternals into crystals from the unwanted eternal legends that show up.


@Octopussies you are correct that with 2 luck natures, Fortunate Perk on M3 difficulty, you should have luck 600%. I am not sure how you could have 400% unless you don’t have Fortunate Perk. I think we need a better mind than mine to figure out this mystery.
although Crystal and Myth Stone drop rarity maxes out at Floor 500, monsters keep getting stronger the higher the Floors you go to. also, experience from monsters maxes out at Floor 100, so if you are Ascending for Perks, just hang out around Floor 100-110 so you can get experience faster. when I was Ascending, I went up to higher Floors when I tweaked my build and wanted to see how it would do on higher floors. although I could clear the higher floors, it took time, because of the space taken up having 6 Quest Stones for experience. so I just did floor 110 (I liked killing the Malum Boss) until I got all 6 Perks.


Well about Blood Magic I don’t understand your formular, because according to the dictionary Blood Magic only increase DMG by 80% of missing HP. It should be 16% increased DMG if you are missing 20% of your HP. I mean if your equation is right then I would have 100% increased DMG at half life, which is crazy, because I’m always at half life since I don’t use Prayer.


Oh I didn’t know about the experience part. I thought the higher floor you go the more exp you get. Will start farming at 100 from now on.
And about the Fortunate perk. In All stats my Luck is only 400%, but when I open Adventure page I have 600% luck for drop and don’t understand why it’s only shown in Adventure.


Fortunate Perk is 200% over cap for Gold Find and Luck, and any other sources are under the cap restriction. so any combination of Difficulty Level, Natures, or Affixes can only go as high as 650%, with Fortunate Perk, that will give you up to 850%, and you would need the Epiphany Set to go over 850%. Epiphany (5) can get you to 1012%.
I did a little experiment for the experience at levels over 100, and that’s how I verified max experience at floor 100. I know it is stated in many other posts, but I was just curious.


Correct me if I’m wrong:

Living Force make Toss return that mean it increases bleed chance and crit chance, elemental crit and so on, which mean you can go above the cap chance for crit and elemental crit without Epiphany. Let say I have 40% bleed chance, cap crit chance (60%) and cap elemental crit (40%). With Living Force the chances would increase to 64% (bleed chance), 84% (crit chance) and 64% (elemental crit).


no, just means target gets hit 2x, or whatever when toss goes out, and then when toss comes back. so if I have 50% crit chance, it is 50% chance when toss goes out, and if that target, or another target is in the way when toss comes back, 50% chance again. they don’t add up, it is just 2 separate 50% chance to crit, or bleed, or whatever. the only difference is that with Living Force (5), lets say you did a crit both ways, on the way out, your crit damage was 50k damage, on the way back, it would be 100k damage, since Living Force (5) is +100% damage. if you got a crit both ways. if you didn’t crit on the way out, but did on the way in, you would get the regular damage, maybe 25K, but on the way back, with the crit, would be the 100k damage. hope I said this right.


Because they have 2 separate chances, therefore you can add up those two chances together with stochastic.
Let assume i have 60% crit chance, there are 4 possible scenarios: The first one crits and the second doesn’t; the first one crits and the second too (best scenario); the first one doesn’t crit but the second does; the first one doesn’t crit and the second either. If you calculate the chance with the help of a tree diagram you’ll get: 3/5 (60% crit chance) * 2/5 (40% chance that no crit is dealed) + 3/5 * 3/5 + 2/5 * 3/5 = 84%.

And as for the return dmg: Living Force gives +50% per rank dmg on return according to dictionary, so it would be +250% at rank 5.