Need help with my War. Toss Build


I think the Dictionary in the Codex is different from the Set Description on the Set Item. Dictionary says +50% damage per rank on return. on the item, it is 20% damage per rank on return. the 2.3 patch notes state that the 50% was dropped to 20%.
as far as the math goes for chances, you attack long enough, you get 100%. :slight_smile:
this is how I kind of look at the numbers.
60% crit chance and 60% deadly strike.
60% crit chance is 3 hits out of 5 will be crit hits.
60% crit chance with 60% deadly strike will be 15 hits out of 25 are crits, and 9 of the 25 hits that are crits will be deadly strikes.
I guess the bottom line is, although we are doing the math differently, and looking at the math different directions, it looks like we got the same answer.
with Living Force, I have discovered that the different skills affected require different fighting styles, especially noticeable between PVE and PVP.