Need Help With Terms

How’s everbody doing today? I’m new to this forum! I don’t know what half the crystals do because I don’t know what they mean, the wiki isn’t helping either, can anyone explain them to me? Much appreciated! =)

Calcite: changes Item/Pet Element to a different random Element.
Angelite: adds one Normal (Yellow) or Epic (Orange) affix to an Item/Pet. the 6th affix placed will be Epic.
Quartz.: removes a random number of affixes/myth stones from an Item/Pet. doesn’t take Cursed Affixes off of Seven Deadly Sin Items. don’t use this Crystal until you have researched it on the Forum.
Diamond: randomly rerolls all the affix values of Crystal (Cyan), Legend (Red), Epic (Orange), and Normal (Yellow) affixes on an Item/Pet.
Larimar: randomly rerolls all Normal (Yellow) and Epic (Orange) affixes to a different Normal or Epic affix on an Item/Pet.
Kyanite: used to take off one affix from an Item/Pet. works on Normal, Epic, Legend, and Set (Green) affixes. I can’t remember if it works on Mythic (Purple) or Crystal (Cyan) Affixes or Myth Stones.
Sapphire: use on Item/Pet to change one Normal or Epic affix to another random Normal or Epic affix.
Fluorite: use on Item/Pet to change one Normal or Epic affix value to another random value.
Emerald: used to upgrade Item Quality by 1, up to 25%.
Peridot: imprives an Items level to a random level up to 100 based on Character Level and highest floor reached.
Beryl: gives you two new choices to change your Items Nature to.
Citrine: gives you two random choices of Talents for an Item.
Topaz: gives you 6 random choices of Epic affixes for Items/Pets.
Amber: gives you 3 random choices of Special Skills from any Class. the choices will be MH Skills for MH Weapons, and OH Skills for OH Weapons.
Jasper: lets you change an Items Class to another Class of your Choice.
Zircon: lets you place one empty Socket on an Item.
Garnet: lets you take a Myth Stone out of a Socket and save it to be used again.
Ruby: lets you add one Legend affix out a 6 choices to an Item.
Amethyst: lets you add one Set affix out of 6 choices to an Item.
Obsidian: lets you add one Crystal affix, out a random choice of 3-6, to an Item. if you already have a Crystal affix on an Item, you can use Obsidian to randomly change the value of the Crystal affix.

hope this helps.


Woah that’s a lot. Every DQ crystal. Much appreciated!


I think the only thing I use Quartz for is to get the other Crystals. and I hardly ever use Peridot anymore, because I can get level 100 Items just from farming or the LegendEx. but it sure was useful when I was low level and didn’t want to make new Gears every time I leveled up.

should I do one for Myth Stones?

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