Need help with warrior farm build!

Hi everyone!
I’m newbie, need help with my warrior farm build.
Have two warrior characters (1 main, 1 hireling).
What should I need to craft first? Any budget ideas?
First item that i’ve done is nadroji ring. My main character is for farm, second is carry, that is helping me to clear bosses.

Also done weapon for my carry (cosmicorb trickster sword).
Running Alanderson build.

The only problem is that i don’t have enough damage to clear M3 difficulty. Should i farm more for my farmer or carry build and how I can improve it?

I don’t know much about Warrior builds, but element damage +5000 is actually cracked for damage. However, the absolute premium for raw damage in high floor PvE is Crushing Flames builds. For such a build, you’ll need :
• 2 items with the Crushing Flames set (1 can work, but way worse than 2)
• +4 all sets
• 50% crushing blow
• 70+% immolate, use elem crit legend affix
• lots of hits per second
FYI, Crushing Blows deal damage proportional to the enemy’s current HP, and Crushing Flames (6) makes it so a Crushing Blow will oneshot an immolated, common enemy.

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Luck and Item Drop are averaged between the Main & Hireling. Gold Find only needs to be on the Main.

Nadroji; Crystalline, Eternalized, and Mythical Sets only need to be on the Main.

if using 2 Nadroji Items to activate the Nadroji Set Bonus affix, use the Nadroji Chest for one of them, because it has a Legend +100% Elemental Damage.

make sure the weapon that you are using for most of your damage on the Main has either a Legend +200% Weapon Damage or an Epic +100% Weapon Damage.

Crushing Flames on a Farm Build is really good! when I used it, it was so good I felt like I was cheating, so I went with Ice later so I wouldn’t feel like I was cheating. I’m thinking of trying out different Elements when I start using my Rogue (using Wizard Farmer for now). when using Crushing Flames Set, Demonic Set is a good partner as CF gets then enemies HP down to 25% fast which then lets Demonic (5) Set do +100% Damage.

my first farm build was just changing a few affixes on my Ascending Build when I was done Ascending. after doing a lot of research on the DQ Forums, my first Farm Build was with Crushing Flames, +650% Luck & Gold Find with +50% Item Drop from Fortunate Skill and the +200% Gold Find & Luck from Fortunate Perk for over the cap boost. I also had Nadroji Chest and Ring for the Nadroji Bonus. later I went with Nadroji Chest & Head for both bonus’ (I read that it increases the chance of Enslavers spawning a little bit). I eventually added an Eternalized Ring and +50% Item Drop for +100% total. although I have Epiphany Set, I don’t have +1012% Gold Find & Luck and +200% Item Drop unless I get the White Item Drop Shrine and/or the Green Treasure Shrine.